Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

 Can you read what this label says? I can't.

I can't make out the name, I'd love to do some research on this awesome little trivet.

See? Small

or large

this can handy trivet can handle any dish you need it to. I had to have this not only because  it's cute and completely functional, but ALSO because I caught one of my trivets on fire a few weeks back and was down one. I needed one and I found one, funny how that works. Now if you all just get your eyes in gear to figure out that label I'd appreciate it.

I started cleaning up the house from the depths of disgusting summer dirtiness and decorating for fall. Every thing I put up was thrifted.

 I love the bean pot my husband gave me, I haven't used it yet but I'm appreciating it. The foliage is even thrifted. DO you clean during the summer? I don't and my house needs a deep thorough cleaning.

Peace and Love--


  1. Wait, wait, just how did the trivet catch on fire again? Hee. Love the bean pot too, I think you should get all frenchy and make cassoulet this year.

  2. To me, the label looks like "Fred Roberts Company"

    It's very cool!

  3. After googling the name, I'm pretty sure that's right. Fred Roberts Company was a ceramics importer in San Francisco; they seemed to do a lot with ceramics out of occupied Japan.

  4. Looks like the crinkled up left side might say "San Francisco" also.

  5. I can make out Fred Roberts Company - not what's on the crinkled side. The center says Made in Japan I'm pretty sure.

    LOVE the adjustable trivet!! How clever!

  6. Totally!! I can see it now--I had convinced myself that the FRE was Separate from the DROBETS...ahhahaha when I decide something it's hard to see it any other way!!

    Thanks so much!!!

  7. The bean pot is lovely, do hop eyou get to use it a lot more now.

  8. I love the bean pot, such a perfect color for a long winter! Cleaning and organization is at the forefront of things to do around here.

  9. All I can make out is "Fredroberis Compa--". I hope you find what it is, it's cute and practical.

    And yep, these parts need CLEANING! Luckily I work from home now, so I'll be able to do just that! Excitement :) Good luck getting your home in order, too.

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