Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Hats, Gloves and Scarves-OH MY!


Hats, Gloves and Scarves-OH MY!

Whew, it's tough to keep your entry way or mudroom at least minimally controlled in the winter. There's so much stuff to keep track of. Here's how I do it, thrifted style of course!

First of all the book shelf is on it's 14th reincarnation--it was a book shelf, then toys, then books and on and on...it's well traveled in our home, to say the least. Right now it's here occupying a spot in our mudroom, a place holder for things to come. Because we own a big old dusty rusty farm house things are always in a state of remodel, that's why some of our walls are drywall and some are sweet 1970 wallpaper and why book shelves are place holders for several years.

The top holds an egg basket for gathering eggs.

Each shelf holds a thrifted wire basket with the appropriate gear in it. Top is for hats, then progressing down the body to gloves and the bottom shelf is for scarves, goggles and miscellaneous. It works so well, it's easy to sort it out when it gets off kilter and I love old wire baskets. WIN!

I also store my egg cartons here and the birch bark off to the right there is covering our fire extinguisher, you know for the next time I cook a ham on the grill...

Peace and Love--


  1. LOVE the fire extinguisher disguise idea!!

  2. Wonderful, I wish my house were so organized! My daughter just throws everything wherever:) Hello from Rome!

  3. Try a narrow high shelf unit for shoes or boots. It's amazing. Mud room organization is a huge challenge, no doubt about that. I've been fighting it for years, and sometimes I even win for a little while....and, yes, we use shelf units and bins, too.

  4. I use two plastic milk crates (thrifted, of course!) In one I keep MY personal hats/gloves, etc. The other is filled with Odds and Ends that our son can use when he is home. If everything was in one crate, I would never see my hats again!!
    I keep them on a shelf in the laundry room, but find that they are too close to the heat vent there. Afraid they will catch fire.
    Marjie - I like the tall narrow shelf idea!!


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