Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

So, did you go Black Friday shopping? or did you pull a Black Friday Black Out like we did? Good grief I heard people were being pepper sprayed over video games, sure glad we stayed home!

We had a mellow and snowy Thanksgiving Day

our thrifted table for Thanksgiving
followed by a more than mellow Black Friday Black Out--we played games, ate leftovers, some of stayed in our pajamas some didn't, watched some Star Wars movies and generally had a great day at home. The only exception was taking my macbook to the mac store and then to my husbands office to see if it would plug in and charge. Argghh hard to be a blogger if your computer will not charge. But the upside is A) the MacHaus is locally owned and B) it's not dead just would not charge--they ran free diagnostics and couldn't find anything wrong. Curious.

 In the end we were mostly stay at home and when we did need to go out it was to a local business. We're calling it successful.

Today I went shopping to for Buy Local Saturday and took my camera along for the fun. I started at my favorite thrift store where boxes filled like this

make my heart beat faster.

Then I made my way over to our local bookstore Fireside Books and spent a good long time perusing books. They are soon celebrating their 10th anniversary in Palmer, they make a great addition to our down town district, I love to shop there.

one of my favorite sections...

and another favorite section

and I popped in next door to Non-Essentials and browsed and shopped some more. This store has all kinds of goodies from Fiesta Ware to Le Creuset to locally produced honey and bulk teas. I'd love to share all my goodies here BUT someone might see their present online and have their surprise ruined.

I did find some cool things while thrifting this week--

listing on ebay soon
Taylor Smith Taylor soup bowls--I'm assembling a set of beautiful vintage florals for spring and summer dishes--I have some 200 year old plates these will be fabulous with--and yes we will be using them daily

more gift tags and stickers and such--the candy cane pen is going in a stocking

book ends for our library so our books can all live an upright life...

I've wanted to read this for a long time, when I'm done I'll pass it on to anyone who wants to read it

Peace and Love--


  1. Those soup bowls are very pretty! How lucky to come across bookends too - makes life much easier when your bookshelves are full so you're resorting to standard shelves :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. Look at your snow! We are having a very unseasonal high temperature November - not that I am complaining. I had the new (and perhaps one time) experience of eating T day dinner at a nursing home.
    I spent Friday online entering contests for unessential goodies. Well, also cash. I call that an essential.

  3. Glad you had a relaxing holiday. We abstained from the Black Friday madness for the first time in years and I'm so glad! That store with all the Fiestaware looks a-maz-ing!


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