Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Thrifted DIY Decorating


Thrifted DIY Decorating

I needed to fill a rather large spot with some sort of a fall decorations for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner at my house. I was home for the day, not going anaywhere, so I dug around and got down to work.

Here's how it went down:

  • first clean off the work table--ha easily said, not so easily done--this poor table gets more than it's fair share of stuff dumped on it--usually just a place to rest before moving to it's proper location (hint hint family!)

  •  so I rallied the troops and handed out the stuff to be hauled of--leaving only the necessities, mostly 

  • I moved some dry flower oasis the green foam from one second hand container to another, this stuff is highly reusable
  •  Then I started picking through my collection of second hand fake flowers and grasses--

  • and began adding bits and pieces here and there, I stepped back several times to check for height and width--the space I wanted to fill was pretty big so I was going for big and my pumpkin bowl was big but truly I don't think it's bigger than the recommended "container should be 1/3 of the height" so 1/3 is the container and 2/3 are the flowers or in this case, grasses

  • and here it is residing in my bathroom, on the counter, the fall foliage in the window and the candle sticks are all thrifted as well--the total cost for this project was around 2 dollars--not bad, not bad

Peace and Love--


  1. I don't know which one I am MORE impressed with, your arrangement (which is awesome) or your bathroom windows!!

  2. Very pretty and all for $2.00 very impressive.

  3. Love how it turned out! And love the colors in your bathroom.

  4. A very nice job. Like Coleen above, I am in awe of your bathroom windows.


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