Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Post Christmas Post


Post Christmas Post

From this

to this in 36 short hours.

 Hahaha not really, they were playing with the puppy and thought she would never find them in her kennel. Which was true, she didn't look there at first but eventually their giggling gave them away. The best part was her confused look when they tried to lure her in with them, she doesn't like to be in her kennel so having her two favorite people calling her in was hard to ignore. This game continued for at least an hour and I'm sure we'll see more of it until school starts again. You'd think they'd have new and better things to play with than each other, their puppy and a dog kennel but even the new and shiny isn't as good as the old and much loved. Hunh wonder where they get that from?

Hope your holiday was as enjoyable as ours was and no one had to get kenneled.

Peace and Love--


  1. Cute photos :) I had fun with my nieces and nephews, but didn't have a kettle to lock them in if they got bratty. Bwahaha...

  2. Your 1st photo looks JUST like a Christmas card. I sure miss my kids being that age. Merry Christmas.


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