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The Penny Worthy Project

It's that time of year when I invite bloggers and non bloggers to participate in my Handmade Valentine Swap. It's very simple: make one, get one. You can send me an email to jinxyjune (at) gmail dot com and let me know how many valentines you would like to make. I'll send you a list of folks to send a Valentine to. I will try my best to make sure we all get to make roughly how many we signed up for. Though do be ready I may send you and extra name to send one to. They don't have to be huge, or fancy just heartfelt. The best part is playing with all the glue, tape, glitter, feathers and paper...oh and that moment you open your mailbox and it's got a card made just for you in it. Anyway I have two folks signed up already and we need more because I have a great idea for my valentines this year.

oh and grab the button for your blog!

OH! also I will be drawing for the winner of the Paper Window Star, leave a comment on that post to enter! I'll announce the winner on Sunday, well probably Just Another Meatless Monday.

Last week I showed you all my goodies for Murder at the Juice Joint, make sure you check out my photos. I'm wearing a dress, that's near as good as a Sasquatch sighting.

Woohoo Saturday I'm off on my first thrift crawl with some of my best friends. I love these ladies and we are going to have the best day! I'm sure you'll see the results of my thrifting day soon enough.

This week I jumped back into reselling big time. I read a post by Mom's Paycheck, she linked up last week, and I just got inspired. So with my eyes open I hit the thrift stores. I picked up some Le Creuset
sold already
sold already!

Some Dansk

listed not sold

I also hit up my closet that has lots of things left to resell too.

Like three pairs of crib shoes, the very last of a100 pair I bought a few years ago

Some Figgjo plates I never quite got around to listing

listed unsold

And a Royal China Blue Heaven Bowl

I also picked up some things for us
Like this cool stamp from 1976

gold green yarn

and two shirts for mr 8 year growth spurt

Why don't you join the fun and link up to the Penny Worthy Project? You can link up etsy stores, ebay auctions, thrift find, giveaways and art projects. Anything that makes your heart sing and your soul happy.

Peace and Love--


  1. I sure wish I knew where you thrift shopped, I NEVER find the neat stuff you find.

  2. You bought 100 pair of crib shoes?
    I had an idea to decorate a tree one year in childrens shoes and booties. So I have a lot, but not 100 pair.
    Some fun finds here!

  3. Thrift crawls are such fun! My friend and I are planning to do another one this spring - if we can wait that long.

    I need to get inspired to start listing some things. I have way too many things waiting in line and just haven't found the time to do anything about it. Time to rearrange some things to make time.

    Have a great week!

  4. We are still putting Lydia in the shoes you gave her at my baby shower, and she loves them! :)

  5. I can't believe you found that gorgeous Le Creuset at a thrift store!! So jealous...wish I would have seen it in time to buy it. :)

  6. The trays are so neat! Thank you for hosting the link up! I'd love for you and your readers to join me too for our thrifty link up. Every Friday.

  7. that stamp is way cool! and the Figgjo plates? totally neato.


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