Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Just Another Meatless Monday


Just Another Meatless Monday

Hey What's For Dinner

Speaking of singing livers, oh wait were we talking about singing livers? No? Dang, such a good opening line too!

Speaking of using up a 1 1/2 pound beet, no listen up I was talking about that, I know it, I finally figured it out. Ohhh yummy we juiced it. Along with a pear that needed to go and banana that was too ripe. I found a juicer last weekend on our thrift crawl and bought it up so fast it made my head spin. But hey 3 dollars for a Jack LaLanne Juice Tiger is a great price and since I killed the last one I was very happy to find this. I am saving pennies for a VitaMix but that day is very far away.

Basically Beet Juice is just that, the juice of a beet root. MMmmm I love beets and so do my boys. I love them for their taste, they love them for other pink reasons...

Now that I've made and drank the beet juice I read that you should definitely juice another vegetable with it, to combat the possible negative side affects which the article I was reading didn't go into detail on. The side affects listed were: pink urine...which is a plus for some of us around here, kidney stones, vocal chord trouble(??) and fevers chills and rashes. Hmmm Seeing as how they don't tell you how mixing in another veggie helps out I tend to think this might be bogus, but that's up to you to decide for yourself. Thoughts?

The positives far outweigh the negatives: lowers blood pressure, cancer fighting powerhouse and it's packed with  vitamins and minerals. Check out WHFoods for a great article on beets.

SO if life ever hands you a huge beet, make beet juice with it.

Beet Juice
1 1/2 pounds of beets
1 very ripe pear
2  ripe bananas

Steam the beets until cooked through, you want to cook them but not over cook, you can cut any large beets into quarters and steam time will be considerably less
let the beet come to room temperature
feed the beet, pear and bananas into the juicer
cut the collected juice with water to make it thinner and easier to drink
you won't need any honey or sweetener with this juice, it is fabulous

 Just out of range here are my two smallest boys having a silent deadly battle for this cup of juice, me I'm waving my arms windmill style to get them to stop.

How was your week??

Peace and Love--


  1. I hadn't heard about those possible side effects with straight beet juice...but you've added pear and banana so surely it would be okay...(I know they are fruit and not veggies, but still...) It certainly sounds like such a healthy drink, and very yummy with the pear and banana as well. Also, it's so pretty! Thank you for sharing it, and for hosting.

  2. Yummy! I've been making more berry smoothies around these parts. When I thrift the perfect juicer, juices like this will be next.

  3. Hi Laura,
    I love your Beet Juice. I am sharing my Strawberry Jalapeno Muffins today. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week!
    Miz Helen

  4. The image of Mom behaving like a windmill to fend off the boys is very funny! Love the color of that juice!

  5. Hmm, seems like I've heard that beets are good for kidney stones...? I have to look it up now.

    I linked up a pumpkin power smoothie. Thanks for letting me share.

    Happy Monday!

  6. Thanks for hosting!!!

    ~Mrs T (www.tales-of-the-ts.com)

  7. Hello,

    This week I’m sharing some sinfully delicious double chocolate hazelnut coconut cookies. (grain free, vegan, cane-sugar free).


    Have a great week.

    Be Well,


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