Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Menu Planning


Menu Planning

I am seriously loving the this whole menu planning thing and adding it to our food rhythm
is making my life in the kitchen so much easier. I rolled out the food rhythm idea back in May and I have been tweaking it to fit our lives better than ever.

Our food rhythm now looks like this:

Sunday--big traditional family dinner--brings us all together and gives us plenty of leftovers for the week to come
Monday--meatless and usually grain based
Tuesday--pasta-could be soup, bake or quick to make dish
Wednesday-beans-slow cooked, burritos or chili
Thursday--soup and bread
Friday--cheese--usually pizza night
Saturday-leftovers or crock pot meal

When I looked at the big pile of produce this week I  immediately saw so many things to make! Now all I have to do is plug in the corresponding meal idea and I'm off and running. You'll notice that several meal ideas will work on several days. For example the Toasted Walnut Quinoa has cheese in it and will work for Friday, cheese day, or Monday, meatless grain day.

Lentil Cauliflower Stew
Taco Salad-vegetarian or with ground beef
Pizza with Fresh Tomatoes
Roasted Kale 
Mango Kefir Smoothies
Mushroom Strudel 
Bacon Green Bean Bundles
Honey Vanilla Poached Pears
fresh kiwis, tangerines for lunches
fresh chopped turnips for snacks
maybe some fresh beet relish or just plain roasted beets, we all love roasted beets!
Toasted Walnut Quinoa with fresh chopped Romas and pesto from last years garden
Roasted Organic Chickens
Chicken Noodle Soup-stock made from the roasted chickens, and any leftover veggies from the week

Now I know basically what we'll be eating for the week. Some things will happen, some will not, but I have a plan and our food rhythm to live by. I made a small list of things I need at the store this week, added a few more staples to my Azure order and we are set. I love that my time doing the dreaded grocery shopping trip is cut very short, I'm in, I'm out.

Best of all. I. Have. A. Plan.

Peace and Love--

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  1. I love planning my menu for the week, even though it doesn't always work out as intended! I just wish I had a veggie service like yours.


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