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Staying Focused

I'm a stay at home mom, not a SAHM that "word" makes me want to gag,  I'm a mom and I don't have a paying job outside of my house. I get, yes GET, to stay home and keep everyone centered. This means I need to stay focused because no one is watching me during my time when the kids are in school. That time can so easily slip away from me that I really REALLY need to have a list(and we all know how much I love a good list) and a schedule.

Yes a schedule, or even better, more hippie, is a rhythm, my morning, my day, my jobs, my week and so on.  I have to know what's coming up, what needs doing now, what can be shoved back a day or indefinitely and how to make sure everyone has food, clean clothes, coats that fit, matching mittens and the like. To do this I make a pretty concerted effort to create and stick to a food rhythm, a weekly rhythm of chores and the same basic routine for each day and night. I've been jamming on this for a while and it was working really well.

But then interenet alone time came along, kids are school, I can veg on the couch and do nothing, while pretending to work. Time just started slipping for me, I wasn't spending horrible amounts of time online, it was certainly more than I need. The guilt caused by this shoddy mothering scheme was immense and crushing I could look around and see so many things undone and feel crappy about it, so crappy I went straight back to the internet to feel better. Tough cycle.

The other day I was inspired by late night coffee and my friend Luna to set a schedule for myself during my time at home. I come home and set the buzzer and cleaned up the house for 30 minutes. I was all a hustle and bustle and got so much done. Then I set the timer and packed ebay sales for shipping. Whew! done before the time was up. I worked in my studio for a bit setting up my ebay 'office' and felt great. I worked online in 15 minute intervals to make sure I did the 'work' I needed to do.

And I've kept it up, third day so far and I've got my 30 minutes of housework done and this included getting the vacuum into the drawers in the kitchen to suck out crumbs, not a BIG job but a little guilt inducing thing. Dinner is planned. I have an art project lined up for myself. I have some thrifting planned and I'm almost ready to leave.

I feel on a really even keel. I've not cut out internet altogether, just made a time slot for it. I don't need to check in on facebook 20 times a day. I don't have to tweet that the dog is snoring and it made me laugh. I can be me, here in my home and be really simply happy with it. All those little niggling things I need to get done, are getting done and that feels really great.

Oh Hey THE DOG IS SNORING #mastiff #lol #puppy

 Peace and Love--

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