Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Monday Night Mending


Monday Night Mending

Monday night mending

 made better by Downton Abbey.

 Did you watch Downton Abbey? We watched last year and I'm so excited to watch this year's episodes. Damn that BBC for making such a great miniseries that I actually miss cable tv. We live in an area that if you don't have cable you don't have tv, I don't miss it normally but Downton Abbey almost makes me want to go join up again. ALMOST.

Shhhhh it's starting!!

Peace and Love--


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  1. We don't have cable either. We chose to get netflix instead. We figure it's cheaper and we can see what we want when we want without paying even more for a DVR. Downton Abbey is great. They are going to have another season, right?!? I wonder when it will air.


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