Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Weekly Meal Planning


Weekly Meal Planning

Just picked up my box of GOODNESS from Full Circle today, what a great gift for our family in the dead of winter. My box contents always lead me to wild menu planning and big dreams. Looking at this produce can you blame me?

I am going to make our family happy with a big pot of potato leek cheddar chowder, such a great soup for winter evenings.

The mushrooms are destined to be made into Vegetarian Pot Stickers and maybe some Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms.

The jewel yams will be made into Indian Inspired Sheppard's Pie HAPPY CURRY TUMMY.

The peanut potatoes I wan to roast or fry with a homemade bacon ranch dip, if this is successful I'll share the recipe. But really how can it be bad?

The peppers I think I will  make into Spicy Pepper Jam, we're out of it and that way we can savor the deliciousness for a while longer.

Beets are begging for Borscht, do you have a good recipe? Mine is only so so, feel free to please pipe up and leave me a link or recipe for Borscht. The best I ever had was in a Russian Old Believers town way back in the hills, so good and the hostess/cook was completely entertaining too. Ohhh Nina I wish I had your recipe! Picture is horrid, beets are lovely.

These are destined for leftover pickle juice, I love to make quick over night carrot pickles like that. No real recipe, just peel, slice or chop and drop in pickle juice.

School lunch munchies and snack foods

  • kiwis, we have this cool spoon knife combo, lets kids cut in half then scoop it out, makes eating them fun
  • pickled carrots
  • fresh carrots
  • snow peas
  • mango smoothies made with kefir

What would you make??

Peace and Love--



  1. What a great assortment. Is it cheaper to buy it through Full Circle than locally?

  2. I plan on keeping this through the winter slump, I think the price is great for organic. In the summer I will either stop delivery OR switch to getting fruit only, because the price for organic fruit is sky high.

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