Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Just Another Meatless Monday Rustic Caramelized Onion, Wine and Cheese Tart


Just Another Meatless Monday Rustic Caramelized Onion, Wine and Cheese Tart

Hey What's For Dinner

Rustic Caramelized Onion, Wine and Cheese Tart. Oh HELLO delicious! Wondering what to make for lunch today, with all of us getting over a nasty cold that kicked us down that last few days, brought me to the cupboard where I was storing some onions. I immediately wanted French Onion Soup but being without french bread and the gumption to make it I started thinking about the onion pie I wanted to make. Plus an hour of caramelizing onions just sounded like something I wanted to smell. Once I started the onions I whipped up a batch of pie dough for the crust and let it chill, then I had 45 minutes of sweet freedom until it was show time. I did laundry, I was even too tired and sick to do anything fun. I did poke around on the internet for cooking times and saw many versions of a tart rather than a pie, so I went with the tart, I guess I was feeling rustic.

Once the onions were done and wine soaked it was easy to finish off the tart. I rolled pie dough, topped it with cheese, onions and more cheese, then I just folded it over and baked it. EASY. I think in the end I should have baked it longer, my pie dough was NOT quite done in spots but it didn't stop everyone from demolishing it. Warm food just makes you feel better, doesn't it? 

You  might notice that my crust is a little darker than normal, I used half whole wheat flour in my recipe. Feel free to use all white or half whole wheat in your tart.

Rustic Caramelized Onion, Wine and Cheese Tart

total time 1 hour 45 minutes

3 red onions
1/2 cup butter
3 Tablespoons red wine
1/2 teaspoon salt
pie dough for one crust pie--I made a regular batch and saved the second one for a Dutch Apple Pie, you could use a pre made crust 
1 1/2 cups shredded swiss cheese
flour for dusting

in a heavy pot melt the butter over medium heat then reduce to medium low
slice the onions, cut off the top and the bottom, cut in half and slice top to bottom in strips
add the onions to the butter, stir to coat and let cook for an hour, stir every 15 minutes or so, don't let them brown or scorch just let them cook
meanwhile make your pie dough or thaw it or let it come to room temp
and grate the cheese so it's ready
when the onions have cooked for 50 minutes add the wine, and stir and browned goodness off the bottom of the pan cook for 10 more minutes 
preheat the oven to 450˚
then roll the pie dough out on baking stone or parchment paper about a 12-14 circle
lay down half the cheese in the inner 8 inches of the circle
add the salt to the onions and wine, stir to combine
and spoon them over the cheese
fold up the edges of the pie dough not quite to the center, you want to leave some of the tart open
sprinkle the last of the cheese on the top
bake for 10 minutes at 450˚ degrees
then reduce heat to 375˚ and bake for 20 minutes more
let it rest for 5 minutes or so, if you can, anyway
then slice and serve

Just add a salad for a perfectly lovely spring luncheon. I'll show you the salad we enjoyed with it another day, I'm just too tired to keep writing.

Peace and Love--


  1. Looks scrumptious!! Did you have any trouble getting the little boys to try it?

  2. I love anything with caramelised onions and your tart looks just wonderful! I hope you and yours feel better soon! Thank you for hosting.

  3. Happy Monday! I shared some creamy applesauce that takes almost no effort, thanks! PS, wishing I could have dairy and gluten with that tart, looks amazing!

  4. Your caramelized onion tart looks delicious! I LOVE this type of dish and can make a meal out of it just by itself! Thanks for hosting!

  5. Yum yum yum..gotta get way up North to chomp all the deliciousness you cook one day. ;)

    Nah, but seriously, need to actually start making a menu from the goodies you list.

  6. Hi There. Happy Monday.

    This week I am sharing an old family recipe: beet pickled eggs! So delicious.

    Also, I'm wondering if I can share a giveaway I'm having on my blog? It's for 3 free smoothie ebooks? I didn't see anything above about giveaways, so just checking first. :-)

    Thank you so much.

    Be Well,

  7. Colorful recipes !! watering in my mouth really awesome sharing i like it . yummy

    MS colleges in Delhi

  8. Good luck with the bees. We live in New Jersey and have 6 hives. They all made it through the winter and with the warm weather, they are already out for the Spring and buzzing around. Lots of work, but very rewarding!

  9. oops, I just put my vintage find in with your meatless monday. you may want to delete it-doesn't look too edible!

  10. That looks so scrumptious! Would love to try this sometime.

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    Followed your twitter and Pinterest.

    Also inviting you to join our meatless recipe blog hop/showcase at http://olahmomma.com/momlounge.

    See ya there! Have a great day:)

    The Quiet Mom at http://olahmomma.com

  11. First, I hope you're feeling better. Second, this sounds like something I definitely want to try, except for making the tart crust (too lazy). I'll probably buy something pre-made... But yes, smelling onions sautéing is nice and this paired with a spring salad seems like a lovely lunch! Thank you for posting it.


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