Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

oh wow not sure how long my post is going to be today. My Mac won't charge, it taunts me with the I'm charging light but actual charge is not happening. It randomly dies and I have to do this ritual of unplugging and restarting to get it working again. No animal sacrifices needed, yet. Actually my dear husband did some research on it and it looks like this model has this problem quite a bit. Hrrrmph.

I found a few treasures this week:

 an Ewok Piggy bank, dated 1985. SO cute! and I'm pretty sure he's going to get listed ASAP.

I love this chicken and I think it's going to stay right where it is for now, in my bathroom watching the snow melt.

 And here is our room, a little bit of it anyway.

refresher--this is what it looked like before ~~SHUDDER~~

Here we are primed

nothing ever happens without cat help

painted a lovely pale grey

here is the only photo I could get, it was really hard to grab a shot of it looking grey

We have trim to finish up and we need to affix the the doors/headboard to the wall more securely. I love the way it looks, it feels very calm.

 What makes you insanely thriftily happy??

  Peace and Love



  1. My boys would absolutely love that ewok bank! They are star wars freaks. How fun it would be to find that!

    Thank you for hosting and remember you and your readers are always welcome to join my thrifty love link up every friday.

  2. I don't think the pic of the Falcon Ware came through. I love that piggy bank! The room is coming along great! (The kitty paw print is too sweet.) :)

  3. I luv the cat help! Really made me smile :)Thanks

  4. Loving the room! Now come south and do mine!


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