Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: New Season New Starts


New Season New Starts

When summer is in full swing and I've spent the best part of 4-5 months babying plants, weeding them, feeding them, keeping dogs kids chickens and turkeys off of them I start to get tired of them. Then I resent them as they fill my kitchen with abundant piles of produce and fresh flowers and all the work entailed with keeping plants. In the summer it's always something. Along about late August I start getting tired of this year's plants and dream of the day I can yank them out of the ground and have my life back. I look upon the garden o' plenty and resent it. Good grief this is like a confessional here!

Then mid October comes and the garden is put away, the harvest is in and I miss green things. January rolls around and gardener porn fills my mailbox. Dirty thoughts dance through my brain. Like vertical gardening. Pigs for breeding. Onions by the bundle. Flowers to sell. Food for the winter! It's like my brain is washed clean of all the hard work and struggle and I WANT. I want to grow my own food, have those pastoral scenes grace my lawn, I want to dig in the soil and press my face in and breathe deeply of the good earth. How could I ever resent summer? I do though and it happens every year. I'm used to it now, the burnout. I'm thankful that our season is short and intense or I might have a manic induced heart attack. 

I'm at it again, the onions are ordered, chicks are coming and I think we can even afford a piglet and a couple of turkeys to fill up our freezer this year. The rush is on and I am running headlong towards a busy food filled summer. Let the frenzy begin!

 Early Broccoli

Broccoli and Poppies behind



Pickling Cukes


Veronica Romanesca



Peace and Love--



  1. I am SO ENVIOUS!! I love the idea of growing my own pickling cucumbers.

  2. Love how everything is so green and sprouting up. :) I'm not having such great luck with my seeds. :/


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