Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

Nice thrifting finds this week, I guess, yeah I think so anyway. I actually got to go THRIFTING this week which is always a plus in my book. Our birch syrup making days are over, the leaves are sprouting out, so we pulled the spiles and corked the holes. I really enjoyed making syrup and I know we'll love having it stashed away for next winter but I'm really glad to be done too. We were all feeling a little bit likes slaves to the sap.

On the bee front I finally got stung and it was even my one fault. I was performing a hive check, leaned over and crushed a be on my leg with my HUGE leather gloves. Holy cow, it hurt so bad. Funny thing is I had to control myself because I had 10,000 bees right in my face and I had to remain composed. I wanted to run screaming from the hive swatting at bees instead I put the hive back together and went on to the next hive. I was wondering how I would do when I got stung in a high crowd of bees, now I know.

Here's what I found thrifting this week

4 nice summery shirts, all brand new. Also one black long sleeve, in anticipation of winter and fall (shhhh did I JUST say winter and fall??? BOOOOOOO).

Looking ahead I bout two packets of paper airplane kits for a certain Mr. Sir Prize. You never know when you'll need a good project like paper airplanes and he loves the kits. WIN.

I found this fantastic French pyrex-style mug with an ocean print on it, I love it! I have another set, or two?, of these in different prints and I love them. 

Also it turns out that the Mouse Trap game I bought is in almost perfect working order. It doesn't really matter because my kids set it up any which way and use all the pieces not in there original spots. That's my kids.

 What's making your heart sing this week? You can link up etsy stores, ebay auctions, blog posts, recipes, tips for a happiness anything that makes you happy.

Peace and Love--


  1. Loved this post. Loved it. So glad to see others who love to thrift as well. The last time I went I gasped and surged across the store because I had found what? A small metal rooster of course! Who can resist a metal rooster? He's already made his appearance in some food photos plus he just makes me happy. Though I typically buy clothes and practical things :)

  2. Those mugs are too cute! Thanks so much for hosting :)


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