Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

It's planting season! The gardens are currently being whipped to death by the nasty summer wind off the Knik Glacier, it never fails. Although it will blow itself out soon, I guess. A few windy days meant I was able to thrift shop a teeny tiny bit, yeah.

I found some cool stuff out thrift shopping this week. I was perusing through the shirt racks at my favorite little thrift store and found this workout shirt

Perfect because "the diet to end all diets" is starting Tuesday! So I grabbed it. Low and behold a few shirts down I see this
another workout shirt. Mine too, because apparently I will be working out a lot. Then three shirts later I come across one more. 

I bought all three thinking that if I end up not using them I can still sell them, the brands are all good sellers. Hopefully the cute colors and style will inspire me to work out and not give up.

I also found more food storage that is not plastic, furthering the removal of plastic disposable things from our lives. I love these Pyrex dishes for storage and now I have 3 to choose from. And the pattern Autumn Wheat, while some people don't care for it, I kind like it, how about you?

We went on a road trip this week, did you miss us? I'll be sharing our pictures from the road soon, we had a blast, just me and the boys. 

  Peace and Love--



  1. Hey, best of luck with the diet to end all diets, i start the diet to end all diets almost every tuesday, but i rarely have such thrifty outfits at my disposal.
    Love your pyrex too! Thanks for hosting.

  2. I like that pattern - it's a great one for fall!!!

  3. Thanks for hosting. Nice wheat pattern on your pyrex.

  4. You sure got some good buys on exercise clothing. Thanks for hosting.

  5. I agree with you on ditching the plastic and using pyrex. We are doing the same thing at our house. Plus, the pyrex is so much cuter than plain plastic containers! Check out my blog sometime and see my pyrex finds!


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