Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Let's go to Seward Alaska!


Let's go to Seward Alaska!

Last week had us heading off on a road trip to Seward. While not technically that far from our house, it does involve a prolonged trip through the mountains and takes us right to the ocean. We live very close to the ocean actually but our valley is situated at the confluence of two glacier rivers and the water is so silty and the mud so sticky(dangerous!) we don't go there. Luckily fresh water abounds and we have several lakes we love to go to.

Why did we have to go to Seward? It involved this young man

and his graduation from AVTEC. He now holds a plumbing and heating certificate in the State of Alaska! Woohoo, I am a proud mama. And he cut all his hair off.

Seward is a beautiful little town, I love the mermaid on this house.

We hit the marina for a walk about of the boats

and saw a nice big eagle, he was chased off by some seagulls.

 We went to the Sealife Center where I stood them up against the wall for execution, ha! We loved the Sealife Center and I highly recommend it if you go to Seward, it is worth every penny. If you're from Alaska you get a discount too.

We saw this little seal, she is so cute. They have tanks above ground and then you can go below and see how it looks too.

here she is swimming below

and playing with kids

They have gorgeous touch tanks where the sea anemones don't close up when you touch them

but stay wonderfully open and relaxed.

 And sear stars bigger than your head.

A friend of ours was commissioned to make this statue and my boys saw it being made every week for about a year. They were super excited to see it.

good bye ocean!

On the way home we stopped at the water pipe for fresh mountain water, my kids were thrilled to spy it and stop for a refill.

This is Turnagain arm on the way home, so beautiful.

Peace and Love--



  1. These are such pretty pictures! I live in Indiana so seeing these types of posts are definitely a breath of the outside world. Love it :)

  2. Congrats on your young man's graduation. Add a nice side trip to the sea life center, and it was a great day for all of you!


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