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The Penny Worthy Project

A few weeks ago I challenged my husband to build us a green house out of the materials we had on hand. Basically low cost veggie growing was the desired outcome. My husband, awesome why-be-normal man that he is went to town on his planning and executing. He loves timber frame so he went that direction, mixed in a bunch of old windows we've been collecting for a few years and plans to use pallets for the lower walls. Total out of pocket so far? 40 dollars. Total hours spent about 30. We will be raising it tomorrow and hopefully I'll have tomatoes in by mid week.

I sure hope I have tomatoes in by mid week, they are getting bigger, blooming a whole lot and I even have green ones. The fun part of NOT having them in the greenhouse yet is when I carry them over to the bee hives and park them in front for some heavy pollinating! The bees go nuts and I know the plants will not be suffering from under pollination this year. In fact NOTHING will be suffering from under pollination this year.

School is now out for the boys so my thrifting time was very limited this week getting all the last week of school stuff done. I went twice but my head was not in the game. I will be garage sale-ing this weekend if I can get out alone for a while. My one find this week was this old jar,

it needs a new rubber seal but otherwise it's in perfect shape. Do you know where to get the rubber rings for old canning jars? I need a few.

And finally yesterday I asked if you spot how many Icelandic chicks were camouflaged in the woods. Here is the original 

and here is one my husband made so you can see the babies. Our total was 9!! No one guessed 9 so I'm eating the chocolate all by myself.

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  1. I planted tomatoes this week...beefsteak tomatoes in containers. I thought it might be too late in Florida but was assured that if you water enough (and fortunately we have a well) you can grown them practically year round. We'll see. I have never had luck with growing vegetables.

  2. I may have a direction for you to follow to find rings for your jars. I had this issue years ago and Ball company does not make them any more. I subscribe to a magazine that you may enjoy. It's called Mary Janes Farm. In this months issue there was an article on canning. She posted information about a company called Tattler. They make these rings and say they will fit Ball jars. I hope this will find them for you.

  3. I've found your blog and have got to follow to make sure i see the finished greenhouse. Great challange.
    We have hives too! My tomatoes have yet to flower. :)


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