Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Summer Projects


Summer Projects

I decided a few weeks ago I really need to refinish the window sill in the dining room before summer. It was faded and dried from 30 years of southern exposure. Lots of wear and tear from kids and dogs and plant tables dripping on it, I'm an abusive house owner apparently.

ugly windowsill!! but look outside, guess what my summer entails??
finished, looks better than it did!
I'm not sure why it never occurred to me to fix it until it was time to be working outside but that's how it happened. When home improvement fever hits me I just roll with it, because honestly it never sticks around long enough.

Out came sand paper, rags, stain, polyurethane sealer and patience. It turned out quite nice. As soon as I finished my husband said look, I found the sander. Grrrrrr so I snatched it up and sanded the back window sill that had never gotten finished from the last remodel we did and the banister too. Might as well right? All the stuff was out and it would be quick. It was super quick with the sander.


Then I turned my eye to the bathroom counter which is all maple and well sealed. It had a few dings and needed to be redone so in one brave move I attacked it.

bathroom counter, pre refinishing it looks about the same only less dents

It was not so quick in fact it took almost a week of sanding and sealing to get it done and it still doesn't look that great but now that it's summer and I NEED to get to work on outside projects.

Like this bookcase I'm priming....

HA!! I am actually working in the garden too, how can I not?

Peace and Love--


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