Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

A rainy week in Alaska in the summer, anyone surprised? No one I know because it is so so typical. And the kicker is that by the time 10 o'clock rolls around the clouds usually roll back and it's almost pretty out. Then you think, a spark of hope, there will be sun and the next morning uh no. No sun for you. I have come to relish the rainy days, or at least attempt to relish them. I clean the house, finish projects, bake, play games with kids and generally try to stay happily busy. Grumping about rain will not make it go away, I tried that.

On Monday, a lightly rainy day, My good friend Steph came over to mass cook in my kitchen. She has just bought a house and is living off the grid until her gas line is hooked up. Even after it's hooked up she'll still need to be using alternate energy sources. That's all besides the point, the relevant point is she needed to cook a bunch of pre-made dinners so it was easy and dishless to prepare meals in her new/old house until gas showed up to make hot water. I kindly offered her my house and my help, because the big diet does not need to be cooked for in advance I opted out this time around. We pretty much destroyed my kitchen many times over that day. She came out with around 25 pre-made meals and we spent a fun day together. 

My kids surprised me by saying hey lets go thrifting the other day, who was I to say NO. So we went and it was fun. Check out this awesome poster I got

I think it's going to get framed and hung in our mud room. I've always considered posters to be somewhat teenage decor but this one is really cool and 53 years old. 

I picked up three bags of film which I need to start listing, it's a good seller. 

And I found this little bucket called a piggin. Isn't cute?? I'd like to sell it, it needs some TLC and not from me. Hahhaha. 

If you missed yesterdays post one of the projects I finished this week is a little book case. It went from this 

to the this.

 Check out DIY Thrifted to read about it.

Peace and Love--



  1. That was so nice of you to help your friend with her meals. Love that idea!

  2. Hey there! I love your poster, and what a great color for that shelf. Great job! Thanks much for hosting.

  3. I looove your hot kitchen mess, and your finds! My kitchen is looking about the same right now. Gotta clean it...after a trip to my antique store booths! ;p


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