Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

Ok it hit 87˚ here today IN ALASKA. Sweating is an understatement, white blinding legs is an understatement and so many tank tops out and about that farmers tan is also an understatement. HOT HOT HOT and sunny for what? 19 hours? No cooling evening twilight, no strung lights and evening breezes, just blazing bright sun until 11:04 and then twilight all night. I will soak it up now to keep me through the dark winter when it's 19 hours of no sun, except it was HOT today. Whew.

Regardless of the heat I managed to get myself thrifting, especially because one of the stores has Alaskan air conditioning (FANS) and it stays pretty cool in there. I bought myself a shirt, but I was wearing it so you get this shot 

of it. I never wear anything with a picture or a brand but it was so cute I couldn't resist and MM is the original brand if ever there was one.

I bought these coloring books

 for my youngest sons. Have you ever seen the Dover coloring books? They are just real drawings free from trademarks and ® and horrible money making franchises, they are just there. My kids love them so much these refuse to color in them and ask for copies of them from the copier instead. That cracks me up! The don't want to color one and then never color it again, my children are not normal. 

Here are a few more I've bought in the last year, the Viking one was a gift.  The second hand price is always a quarter but even brand new they a nice low 2-3 dollar option. Our local toy store carries them.

Found a present for a dear friend of mine, just need to give it to her at an appropriate time. I think she'll love it.

And I bought a book, because if it's going to be 87˚ I'm gonna need to go sit in the shade and read. This is an excellent book, sweet and mysterious! 

Is it HOT where you are? I tell ya I am not built for heat!



  1. Umm... It's extremely hot where I am... Like sweat bucket hot... Like melting mascara on the walk to the car hot. I strongly dislike it. The picture you paint of strung lights and an evening breeze is nice :).

    Love all of the kick arse coloring books!!!

  2. How I would love to have 87 degree weather from our 102-108 degree weather here in AZ. But 19 hours of daylight would be no good here. Is there a possibility of too much sunlight?!?

  3. We had some record-breaking hot days last week, but this weekend has been gorgeous. None of the humidity we usually experience this time of the year.

    Love the little springerle rolling pin. Very sweet!

  4. Arizona reporting in! But I do think its hotter for you. Your blood is thick from extremely cold weather. I on the other hand have ice water for blood. I truly believe your hot feels far worse for you. So hang in there, hopefully it will cool down for you!


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