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JB Chocolatier

One of the best parts of being a food blogger is being sent goodies to try out. A week or so ago I had one of these moments when luscious box of chocolate was dropped off at my door. Now chocolates are great but when they are hand delivered by the chocolatier's husband, and they are made right down the road from you, and there is collective gasp from all in attendance when the box is opened you know these chocolates are going to go beyond great. They did not disappoint.

JB Chocolatier chocolates are made, literally, right down the road from my house. I could throw a rock about that far, oh except I never want to make them mad! One stay at home mama making our small town just a little bit sweeter is how I think of JB Chocolatier. Add in 6 revolving flavors per month AND the custom orders she can make for any special occasion and we are talking highway to success here. And I can say all this before I even expound on the chocolates.

So then lets get down to chocolates, shall we?

Here is the box as it was delivered

 and opened

Our first taste had to be this gorgeousness

Lemon Caramel--caramelized white chocolate infused with lemon and enrobed in white chocolate

 Next up

Key Lime--white chocolate ganache infused with lime in dark chocolate
If you are looking for something different in the way of chocolates this is it! Refreshing and a perfect summer treat.

and then

Peanut Butter--organic peanut butter with a crunchy crouquant in milk chocolate
The presentation of this peanut butter chocolate was fantastic, it was swirled and gorgeous to look at, that made this a top pick for all of us visually--lovely to look at and pretty damn tasty too

Oh hello beautiful

Creme Brûlée--vanilla ganache mixed with caramelized sugar
My husband's favorite chocolate--I know who's getting a big box of these for his birthday next year--YUM

Milk Chocolate--milk chocolate ganache sweetened with fireweed and raspberry honey rolled in almonds
FANTASTIC-perfect for giving to out of state friends visiting this summer--so deceptively simple looking and yet...not simple at all

Finally my personal favorite a Fleur de Sel Caramel--best caramel I have ever eaten and I don't have a picture of it?? DANG but in the above photo of the whole box of chocolates you can see it, it has a few salt crystals sprinkled on it. This one made every person groan with delight, except my caramel hating husband who passed on tasting it.

As a blogger I like to make sure I am balanced and fair, so it's important to me to look carefully at the foods I share with you. I can't find one bad thing to say about any of the lovely assortment I sampled. Perhaps one sad unfortunate thing is that JB Chocolatier can't ship chocolates at this time, state law prohibits it. As for nasty disgusting chocolates? There were none to be found, believe me we looked. Not everyone in our group loved every flavor but not one person refused to finish their piece or refused a second taste.

I was given a box of chocolates to do with as I please, I could have eaten it and said nothing. I could have given it away. I could have run off to a corner and eaten them all by myself. BUT they are worthy of sharing with my local readers and everything I have said is my own opinion.

If you need a unique local made product check out JB Chocolatier. If you need to special order for a wedding favor, bridal shower favor, baby shower favor or maybe as a fundraiser? Why not give Jenny at JB Chocolatier a holler? Let her know what you need and see what she can come up with. I am thinking of Teacher Appreciation gifts myself and a box for me(LAURA APPRECIATION!!) and definitely the Creme Brûlée for my husband too. Christmas is not too far off and I am definitely adding chocolates to my local presents for local people list(coming soon) too.

Peace and Love--



  1. It's only morning and they're making my mouth water....

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  3. They look truly delicious, wish they delivered to Australia :-) How on earth does somebody make such exquisite choccies in their own home?!?

  4. yes! and we ate them all!! lucky lucky us AND I can buy more :)


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