Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Lilacs Glorious Lilacs


Lilacs Glorious Lilacs

From Summer Solstice to mid July our yard is filled with the scent of Lilacs. A very vintage smell, like rose water, old fashioned and proper. Mmm the whole yard is reminiscent of a faraway time. Don't you love the smell of lilacs? Wherever I go, whatever I do the smell of lilacs brings me home and I am 6 years old digging holes in the front yard like I was told not to.

This year I decided that when they were blooming I would keep lilacs by my bedside. They don't keep well and I've refreshed the bouquet many times but that soft lingering scent is worth it.

Peace and Love--


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  1. That first picture is breathtaking! I must pin it! Beautiful and I bet the aroma is out of this world!


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