Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

Summer I love you, we hadn't had a sunny day in 3 weeks. I mean full on sunny day that feels like it will never end and finally we got 5 in a row. My house is a wreck but our days outside and running feral made it all worthwhile. 3 nights of campfire and cooking out, 2 days of extreme water play, mowing, weeding and reading in the hammock make this just about the best week of summer so far.

And the thrifting was short but sweet. I asked on my local buy/sell Facebook group if anyone had a dresser for sale, preferably under 25 dollars. Low and behold someone had one for 20 bucks! I picked it up and it is great! I already primed it now and I'm ready to paint. See that gallon of primer on top of the dresser?? 

HANDY PAINTING TIP do not move a tall dresser with a can of paint on top, it will fly off, land upside down, spill in your shoes and make a complete mess. 

I found an old battleship game from which to steal the pegs. 

Ours have mysteriously been left out and sucked up in the vacuum cleaner (who would do that?) and these will make tracking when playing so much easier. If you can't keep track of your moves how can you stomp a 6 year old into the ground?? 

I have been lusting after the old style bikes rolling through town of late and almost asked for one for my birthday. I didn't but I wanted to. Then my husband rolled this old beauty out of the garage 

it's mine from when I was 12. It needs a tire and tube and then I will be rolling serenely though town too. YEAH! True reality will be me trying to keep up with my kids whilst sweating and swearing but hey we can all dream.

And what about you? What are you doing to to make yourself happy in this world? Why not link up and let us read up on what makes you crazy ridiculously happy. Maybe you resell, craft, upcycle or create delish food on a dime. WE WANT TO BE INSPIRED by you and your wonderfulness. 

Peace and Love--



  1. Can't go wrong with a dresser for that price!!

  2. Thanks for hosting! I'm linking up my new favorite recipe - with a stunning side of watermelon salsa. YUM!

  3. Sounds like you are really taking advantage of the warm days! That's great. I have been doing a bit too much hanging around in the house this week! Can't wait to see the finished dresser.

  4. Love your blog..thanks for hosting the link party!


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