Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: I'm back, really I am, I truly am back


I'm back, really I am, I truly am back

It got kind of crazy there for a while, where did the last of summer go? I mean last I know it's mid July and we're planning a little family vacation and the next thing I know the kids are back in school. It went in a rush too. A week after we got back from our vacation and fishing trip we had a huge playground build at our school and I was the food coordinator for it. My job was to plan to feed random unknown amounts of people. It was fun! I had a team of helpers, tons of donations and a very busy weekend. Our school went from no playground to amazing playground and I hope to share some photos soon. What an great experience the whole thing was to everyone involved.

Today I noticed yellow leaves on the lawn and a nip in the air. Summer has forsaken us I do believe. So much rain, not enough sun and everyone I to talk wants a redo. Even the farmers are complaining but maybe they always complain and I'm just catching on because my crops suck to this year too. Lets talk gardens, the only thing growing well over here are chickens and slugs and children but we don't eat those. I don't know it;s just been tough this year and I'm not the only one saying so. Ugh ugh ugh the slugs ate every squash and zucchini I had going. They have scaled my kale to the upper most leaves. I have used eggshells and diatomaceous earth to no avail. Now DE becomes useless after it gets wet so repeat applications have been used to. We have copper tape to repel them but my little reenactors rebel at the thought of using copper tape (THE PRECIOUS) for anything but armor use. And steampunk stuff so copper is out unless I lay out pennies which I might just do.

My greenhouse on the other hand, although not painted or floored or even finished, is pumping out the tomatoes. Tumbling Tom and Beaver Lodge are BIG producers and we have nice bowls of tomatoes daily, enough to share even, if we wanted to. I have a few peppers too. The plus with the greenhouse is in the planning for next year. I can start plants in it I have a darling little wood burning stove for it. And I can PLAN big for tomatoes and really pack it full. I am super excited about the greenhouse both this year and for next year.

School. Can we talk about that for a minute? My last baby just went to first grade *sigh* I cried on and off all day now I'm exhausted. I have not been alone for almost 9 years I have had one of three children with me on and off. It is so weird to be totally alone. I will never get anything done because apparently I need someone on my behind all the time to remind me of what I should be doing, because today I did nothing. I'll have to learn time management skills again.

The Penny Worthy Project AND Just Another Meatless Monday will be back, come back for that. I am here, I am alive and so are my kids. Now time to go thrifting, well in the morning anyway.

Peace and Love--


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  1. Welcome back!
    Have you ever tried pans of beer for slugs? They are attracted to it and then drown in it. It's disgusting but a tried and true method of attack on those slimy slitherin' slugs.

    Enjoy your mommy alone time! :)



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