Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

Can it be?? I'm posting on the right day? A miracle, alert someone.

 I spent the better part of the day at the Alaska State Fair, I should get a sainthood for that right? I mean livening next door to it and driving by it everyday means I hear constantly them "can we go to the fair?" me "NO"--repeat ad nauseum. Also living by the fair means I that I hold a grudge against the fair, for it's traffic, it's noise pollution, it's huge waste of money and energy. So going to the fair and paying 47 dollars JUST to walk in the door bites me in the rear a little bit. But I know a LOT of people LOVE the fair so I will attempt to contain myself.

To soothe my fair frazzled nerves I hit the thrift shops, balm to the soul I tell you. I found 4 corningware Christmas mugs,

never seen anything like these before so I snatched them up. I'll be listing them in a few weeks, building stock you know.

I also found this funky little salt shaker.

And a stack of Quick Cooking magazines, I love to have a stash of magazines for winter perusing. Last week I picked up a bunch of Cooks Illustrated magazines so now I have about 20 total magazines for winter.

How about linking a thrifty living post? Recipes, thrifting, ebay, etsy all make great links, join the fun!

Peace and Love--



  1. Hi Laura, Lovely to link with your from family-budgeting here in the UK . I am loving your salt shaker!
    Becky x

  2. I love those Quick Cooking magazines and the Taste of Home ones as well. They are fun to look through and the recipes are real-people kind of recipes.

    I have never been to the Virginia State Fair. Gasp! It just never interested me enough to drive across the state to go. I can totally understand your aversion.

    Thank goodness for thrift shops and their curing balm!


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