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Daring Greatly by Brene Brown BlogHer Book Club

I'm not into guilt trip books, I have enough things to feel crappy about thankyouverymuch. Daring Greatly is NOT a guilt inducing book, it is an encouraging anthem to get out and live your life! The author, Brene Brown, does a very good job of mixing "hey stop doing THIS" with "hey maybe try THIS instead" without all the guilt that comes along with many self help books.

I hesitate to put Daring Greatly into the self help genre but since there is no LIVE THE AWESOME genre in to self help it goes. Brene Brown has an uncanny way of including herself in the "don't do THIS" parts of the book and it works wonderfully, it keeps her real. If I had to find a fault with the book I'd say that all the new terms she has come up with need a glossary so the reader can refer back to them. It's almost impossible to remember them all and get my kids to school on time, remember the dogs name and what street I live on. That one small fact is not a supreme detractor from all the good this book will do if you sit down and read it. The message rings true, dare greatly, be vulnerable and be you. I am, Brene, I am.

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  1. Sometimes I feel like I need notes to remind me of my name and where I live, so needing a glossary would be a distraction from enjoying a book. It's too bad when that happens.


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