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Honey Report

Somehow I've come along for the last two weeks without giving you a honey report. I've been busy putting up food for the last two weeks, almost too busy. Likewise my bees were busy filling up their hive with honey all summer long. I like to believe we are kindred spirits, except they try to sting me while I steal their honey, so perhaps not.

 I knew as a first time bee keeper my chances of getting any honey were slim to none. The bees spend a lot of time and effort building up honey comb in the frames to put honey in to. The good news is I can use the frames built up with comb next year and save my bees a LOT of work and they can get down to the part about making flower nectar into honey.

I gathered my frames, not many because we lost the queen from one hive and never replaced her. Too late in the season to buy a new one but no honey made yet.

 I took them to our local contact with a honey extractor and got to work cutting the very tops of the combs off.

Then the frames went into the extractor and were spun for a bit.

Next it was emptied into a jar and then we filled up a food grade bucket.

My total for extraction was almost 2 gallons, 22 pounds! My friend Kelly who extracted my honey for me and held my hand all summer said my honey was GRADE A the best kind, light and very sweet. I'll take that!

We've been enjoying our honey for a week or two now. Pears with honey and walnuts and a soy and honey marinade for steaks. The best hands down all the way around though is a fresh biscuit, fresh butter and a drizzle of honey. I just discovered this bit of joy and I am reveling in it. I have my honey put away and don't worry about the bees. They have two HUGE boxes left full of honey from our plants and flowering trees to get through the winter. They are set and we are set, symbiosis in action.

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  1. Thank you for showing the step by step process. That was really interesting. The color of your honey is gorgeous! How wonderful to have made such a natural and delicious product right in your own backyard. Biscuits with butter and honey sounds so yummy....with a cup of tea....mmmm.

  2. So cool! We're starting with bees next year on our farm. I love the color of your honey. Is the comb sorted from it or is the honey just that thick?

  3. Thanks for linking this up to the Eat Make Grow blog hop! I'm so excited to try bee keeping myself next year. I suppose I should make sure that it's okay in town.

    You give me confidence that I can do it too.

  4. So great! One of the things that holds me back from beekeeping is the whole extracting process. I have enough beekeeper friends, though that i'll bet one of them has an extractor i can use.

    PS - please add a link back to our Eat Make Grow hop - if you already have, sorry i missed it!

    where did you get your bees originally/


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