Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Just Another Meatless Monday Nasturtium Capers


Just Another Meatless Monday Nasturtium Capers

Hey What's For Dinner

Get yourself out to the garden right now before all your nasturtiums are frosted and disgusting. You only need a half cup of seedpods to make a batch Nasturtium Capers. It might be too late for many of you living in Alaska but if you look hard enough you could still find some good seedpods. I found some under the frosted tops of the plants.

These are not truly capers, only brined and pickled like capers, something fun (and delicious!) to do with plants you may be ready to yank out of the ground. Nasturtiums are so great for eating anyway, so spicy and peppery, a great addition to salads and greens all summer long. But why not try for just one more use, you can do it! And these funky little capers can help you.

Nasturtium Capers-recipe originally from the Splendid Table

1/2 cup nasturtium seedpods
1 cup boiling water
2 TBSP pickling salt
3/4 apple cider vinegar
1 bay leaf
good pinch of dried thyme

pick over the nasturtium buds, break them apart they come in groups of three, break off the stems
mix the salt in to the boiling water and stir to incorporate
pour over the nasturtium seedpods
cover and keep in the fridge for 3 days
remove from the fridge and rinse in a colander
set to drain
rinse the jar and drain it too
meanwhile boil the vinegar
add the seedpods
and the herbs back to the jar and cover with the boiling vinegar
they need to set for 3 more days before being used but will keep up to 6 months covered in the fridge

Brine Solution

 Pickling Solution

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  1. Good timing for me, just about to empty my window boxes of nasturtiums. Thanks for the idea!

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    Your capers look great!

  3. I didn't realise nasturtiums had capers - this is such an interesting post! I don't have any nasturtiums this year, but all the more reason to grow them again next year!!

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  5. Those nasturtium capers looks so neat! Must hunt for them now!! This week I’ve shared a recipe for what I call “Posh Patty Pan Squash, Thai Inspired.” It’s a sauteed patty pan squash with some Thai flavourings. It makes for a quick and easy fix for a Thai craving :)

  6. well they don't ACTUALLY have capers just a bud you can use to pickle like a caper...

  7. Wow, I've never heard of nasturtium seedpods before. Thanks for sharing! I just found your blog for the first time, so I look forward to learning more!

  8. These will help you remember summer in December, when it's dark most of the day!


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