Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Poject


The Penny Worthy Poject

My husband has been gone on all week, on vacation I think, after witnessing how wild and crazy my kids have been. I've enjoyed my time alone, my time one on one with our littlest boys but I sure will be glad to see him and wrap my arms around him again. When the kids were younger he'd come home from a business trip and I could hardly stay home, I needed to escape. These days, with kids in school and our oldest one in his OWN apartment, I'm just glad to have someone around to talk to in the evening, no need to escape. My days are full though and for the last week I have been scrambling to get things harvested, canned, preserved and put up. WHEW. Think I might be caught up but I still have to put all the gardens to bed and do prep work for next year.

Before my husband left he was finishing up a vest he made for himself, yes he sews and it is sexy as hell, and he figured out how to make buttons. Not one to miss out on the opportunity to document the cool, I grabbed my camera and caught the action. Please go check out his method it is super cool and makes buttons for about a penny. But remember you can't sell them that would be illegal!

Of course I treated myself to a couple thrift stops this week, gotta have a break from the work once in while, right?

I found what may be the worlds biggest Liz Claiborne bag--this thing is HUGE. And I love it. I snatched it up and low and behold it was half off, I paid a WHOPPING 75 cents for it. See those spots?? Well the bag is so awesome you can use a wash cloth to wipe it down and now they are gone. Also? It's from 1983.

While I was at it I found this adorable little wallet by Relic, super cute and just what I was looking for. 1 dollar! Only problem is it's SO small and the bag is so big will I ever find it?? I may need a buffering purse to fill in the space.

I grabbed a handful of Mother Earth News FOR FREE. Yes yes you're right I WAS ON IT THIS WEEK.

I bought the coolest thing off my Facebook Yardsale Group, it's called The Cannery. Basically you can can make jelly on the stove and then pop 4 jars in this thing and it will do the boiling water bath for you. No HUGE pot of boiling water, just this, and your stove is not consumed but the huge pot of water. I have gotten using it down to a science, I can whip out 4 jars of jelly in about 20 minutes and start the next batch and just keep rolling on. It's been great! Here it is working hard alongside the rice cooker and the dehydrator.

And finally not something I see in MY house very often, precious moments. Ok well we have precious moments, I guess I MEANT Precious Moments™! An entire BOOK yes a BOOK of t-shirt transfers, I'm not even sure HOW to sell these. Thoughts?

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  1. Hi, thanks for hosting! :)

    I thought if it was me I'd sell the transfers in batches, put together by theme or by a similar group-up connection...

    Aniko from Idle Needle


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