Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

Well this week has been crazy as hell. And that's being as lady like as I can be. I had an unexpected run to the big city, recording radio interviews, recording my first radio show and making Kugel with 42 kids. Oh you know along with all my other mom jobs too. Plus 42 chickens, half of which are laying. Oh but the annoying part of the chickens laying is they are not laying in the laying in their boxes but randomly throughout the woods. FUN.

 I spent a couple hours preparing for a big consignment sale. I had lots of clothes my kids had outgrown and a few they never wore so I washed them and tagged them and took them to the sale. It was like a party over there! Lots of moms setting up a huge sale. Next time I am definitely volunteering for set up, what fun! If you live around here come on over to the fairgrounds this weekend and check out the HUGE consignment sale, if you come tomorrow night I'll be there from 5-9 helping out.

Oh! the winner of the postcards is Jessica! Who had this to say "I would love the little cards...perhaps framing them and using them for Halloween decorations. The twins have been asking to decorate. Keep us posted about the radio show - cant wait to tune in! :)" Yeah Jessica!

I did a bit of thrift shopping this week and got out of the stores very lightly, very lightly indeed. I bought exactly two things, ok well two bags of things.

Yep office supplies. I am so very very interesting. But we really needed them and for a total of 35 cents I figured it was a good deal.

And you? What's penny worthy for you this week?

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  1. I’m sharing recipes I am making with what’s coming out of the garden. We just had our first frost so the acorn squash are curing getting ready to be stored. I love stuffing them and I shared a recipe I concocted using the wild rice my sister sends me from the Canadian border.

    Also a recipe for stuffed tomatoes. This is a wonderful brunch or side dish recipe. Tons of flavor and a way to celebrate farm fresh eggs and tomatoes!
    Thanks for hosting!

    I also host a link party called Eat Make Grow where folks can share their DIY projects, recipes and garden strategies. I hope you’ll come share with us too!

    Stop on by if you get the chance:


  2. Thank you for hosting, may you have a great week.


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