Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Hand Me Ups {giveaway}


Hand Me Ups {giveaway}

A few weeks ago I participated in a HUGE consignment sale here in Palmer. I really enjoyed
the sale, I made some money and got some great clothes for my kids. While working there to
earn volunteer hours(not mandatory!!) I met Kari. Kari is the owner of Hand Me Ups another
consignment sale held in Anchorage. We got to talking and decided we should get the word out
about the next big consignment sale. So without further adieu here is my interview with Kari and
the details on how you can win 25 dollars in Hand Me Ups credit to their next sale.

so Kari jumping right in, when IS the next big sale?

The next Hand Me Ups Sale is going to be this coming week, Thursday, October 18 through
Sunday, October 21st at The Mall at Sears in Anchorage (Benson side in the newly renovated
entrance). Admission of course is free!

How did Hand Me Ups get started?

Hand Me Ups began as an idea as I traveled in the lower 48 to visit family. My sister introduced
me to a consignment sale in her area. These types of sales are very popular in the lower 48.
She showed me how she was able to sell her kid’s items and buy clothes/toys/furniture for
the upcoming season (and sometimes beyond) without even spending a dime. I went to the
sale and was amazed by the organization and cleanliness of it all. It was exciting to be able to
browse through all the deals and know that I was not only getting great bargains on high quality
used items but also helping families within the community out. It was very easy to shop and
it was so nice to have everything I could ever need all in one location. The more I began to
understand about the sale, the stronger my desire became to start a sale in Anchorage. I love
watching the community come together and help each other save money as their kids outgrow
their stuff. It is an even bigger bonus to serve the community and local outreach programs by
being able to connect unsold unwanted items to families and kids in need. I couldn’t wait to
get home and start a similar program, blessing the community and families in Anchorage…and
that’s how Hand Me Ups was born.

Is it only kids clothes for sale?

No, It’s definitely not only kid’s clothes. The sale is for anything maternity, baby, or child related
from birth to teen. We accept toys, furniture, clothes, outdoor equipment, sports equipment,
books and everything in between. If it has to do with pregnancy or children, we can accept it at
the sale.

How does this all work? Can anyone sell their clothes?

Basically, Hand Me Ups provides the venue , handles the advertising and marketing, provides
racks, tables and equipment, handles the organization of items by gender, size and equipment
for easy shopping, handles all monetary transactions so sellers don't have to deal with bounced
checks or credit card fees, haggling, meeting with strangers or the hassle of hosting a garage
sale and... we do it for a small percentage of the items that sell! We charge a small percentage
of just 35% for consignors and as little as 25% for volunteers. All someone wanting to sell
their stuff has to do is register, hang &, tag their items by pricing them at what THEY want to
sell them at and we do the rest! Sellers do not have to be present at all during the 4 whole
day event. All the items received from sellers are placed in an organized, clean and fun
environment with lots of exposure by being in front of over 500 families in the community.
Sellers receive a check at the end of the event for all their sold items. EVERYONE that has
stuff relating to kids is welcome to become a consignor.

How much money could I make?

The amount you could make at a sale like this is endless. In the lower 48 there are folks who
make a living by finding really good deals and then reselling them at consignment sales like
Hand Me Ups. If you have 1,000 items to sell or 100, you are welcome to join us. We had
checks cut for $50 up to $1000 at the last sale in April. The money is only limited by the amount
of items you bring in and what you price those items at.

What happens if my clothes don’t sell?

If your items don’t sell, you have two great options. #1, you can pick up those items at the end
of the sale and try to sell them another way. If it doesn’t sell, you don’t pay any percentage.
#2, you can choose to donate those unsold items to local community outreach programs and
charities to help families in the Anchorage community that need it most.

So basically I can sell my used kids clothes at your sale, set my own prices and make some
cash without having a garage sale? I love this idea!

If you want a chance to win a 25 dollar gift certificate for use at the upcoming consignment sale (NEXT WEEK!!)  you need to hop on over to facebook and like Hand Me Ups (www.facebook.com/handmeupsllc). Then come back here and leave a comment on this post so you
will be entered to win. Already like them on Facebook?? Then simply leave a comment stating that and you’ll be entered. Good Luck! Contest ends Wednesday at HIGH NOON winner announced on Thursday and you can pick up your winning certificate at the Hand Me Ups sale when you go.

Peace and Love--



  1. Umm, yes please! I'll even be in town dropping Peter off at the airport...time to stock up in the next size for my growing girls!

  2. Such an awesome idea! I've never heard of such a sale! Thanks for the chance to shop for free :)

  3. Very cool! Can't wait to check it out and I liked Hand Me Ups on FB

  4. So excited for this sale to buy the next sizes for my growing girl and to make some money too;)

  5. I already liked Hnd Me Ups and I would love to win some money to shop!

  6. Just found your blog through the Hand Me Ups FB page (which I already like)! I went last year and found some really nice things and I know this year will be great too!

  7. Already liked the HMUs page and super stoked about doing the sale for the first time this year!

  8. I like Hand Me Ups on FB! I can't wait for this sale!

  9. Excited for this sale! I liked Hand Me Ups on facebook!!

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