Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Oh Give Me a Break!


Oh Give Me a Break!

Ohhhhh I didn't mean literally. Well too late! Our middle boy is celebrating his 9th birthday this week. Our lives have been busy with festivals and birthday fun. I needed a break but not the kind of break we got.

We got a humerus break. A broken arm on the birthday boy to be exact. Oh fuuuuuuuuuudge. 6 weeks in a sling and swath deal. Great. I guess, as someone pointed out, it IS better than a cast but still. The boy can't move his writing arm for 6 weeks. He broke it directly below his shoulder, so we are very lucky he didn't break his shoulder or elbow. The party for his ninth was the culprit. We ran an army training camp and he had to do the obstacle course one more time. Wham he fell and broke his arm, off a foot high bench.

Now you have to understand, my boys are all boy, 110% boy. They play tough, they play rough. They joust on bikes with very long sticks, they will also finger joust when they can. They climb to the top of trees, so high the tops bend over under their weight. They play in dirt, wear rubber boots 13 months out of the year, out of need and for fashion. They sword fight with live steel, bamboo swords, sticks and anything else you can think of. And a one foot tall bench took him down. I pondered this all day as we trekked to the doctor's office and back and forth across the valley. I ran it by friends and laughed the irony of it all.

And then I ran it by my husband. Who snorted.

He filled me in on how the one foot tall bench took the boy down. I was assuming the obstacle course was the SAME as the last time I saw but of course that's silly! The boys had modified it. And what really broke his arm was NOT the simple bench. It was jumping off a table, rebounding off the mini trampoline and attempting to LAND on the bench that did him in.

It makes so much more sense now.

I need a drink.

Peace and Love--


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  1. Oh boy! Look what I've got to look forward to! I have 2 boys (so far). Ages 3.5 and 3 mo.

    But then, I was quite a tomboy. Between my brother and me, it's a miracle one of us didn't break an arm, or fall out of a tree... Yeah, a miracle. I was never diagnosed with a broken bone. Did get what I suspect was a cracked tail bone, but it was never diagnosed. (Never land on bottom when coming down a slide!)


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