Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

I guess I've never been to a proper estate sale before. Are they always so disconcerting? I have trouble wandering around a house that someone spent their last days in. I hope I can get past it because on the other hand I loved having everything to look through. I'm very torn about them, do you like estate sales? Do you find them creepy?

 I found some wonderful things this whether or not I found the sale creepy and disconcerting.

ooohhhh vintage DescoWare YES!! all for me no reselling involved here. This is a smaller french oven style about the perfect size for a nice chicken. We happen to have nice chickens we need to cook up in this baby, dang roosters anyway.

another little piece--unmarked not sure of the brand Le Creuset or DescoWare one of the two.

I found a GREAT set of RenaWare--these have an awesome sell through rate and I will be listing them soon.

Found packing supplies

and envelopes for shipping. I ship a lot of things in manilla envelopes, really saves on shipping BUT you need to pack it well with bubble wrap.

MEGA kettle, present for someone shhhhhh.

Video cassettes, sell well too. YEAH.

 May be the coolest canisters EVER.

YES?? I love them and I think I might keep them. If I do I have to use them, I can't just keep them because.

Peace and Love--



  1. Estate sales are wonderful, but they CAN be creepy too, I totally understand that. You made some grand purchases!!

  2. Estate sales are my favorite. I do admit though that I cried all the way home after going to my very first one. People were rummaging through boxes and closets with no respect. It was truly disturbing. But that was a couple of years ago and I'm over it. I find the best stuff at estate sales! Looks like you did well too!

  3. Well, you can always rationalize that the person probably died in a hospital or nursing home (I know, small comfort, but...). And having been on both sides of it, the family really just wants to be rid of the things they can't keep and move on with closing out the estate.

  4. They're all such great finds plus they all serve a purpose. I don't think I could part with the canisters either.

  5. I love to go to estate sale, though we do not have many. I love to think about the person's life; there things tell so many stories. I think they would appreciate that I love their items. Yes, others can be disrectful, but the family wants to be rid of the items and I will give them good homes.
    Love your finds. I always am thrilled to find shipping supplies.

  6. When I first started going to estate sales it felt rather strange did not like going though peoples stuff...but I love them now! I still do feel sad when I see photos for sale - you would think someone in the family would want those. You found some great deals. Warm hugs, Esther

  7. If the estate sale is being done by the adult kids I chat with them, find out how things are going, empathize (been there too) and buy like crazy unless they looked everything up on eBay first. Some sellers can't let go and when that happens I leave, can't help them with that problem. Estate sales are my favorite type if the sellers want to get rid of the sheer volume of things left after the family has taken what they want.


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