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The Penny Worthy Project

Another birthday weekend is here and our annual fall festival too, same weekend. Busy week, busy life keeps me hopping. I don't mind, when I'm busy I'm engaged. I recorded my THIRD radio show this week too. Fourth one is planned and we are off and running. Thrifted a couple times this week but after last weeks BONANZA it all seemed blah. Or maybe it was blah because the sun shone brightly every single day this week. hey after a MONTH of rain and clouds a sunny weeks dulls everything in comparison. Thoughts?

Yesterday's post has a giveaway for local folks but consignment sales happen all over the United States so make sure you check in your area. The site you can find them listed on is Flash Consign, you have to get a free account. Once you have joined the site simply click join a sale and scroll though for sales in your area! Easy money to be made selling your used clothes AND easy on the budget if you need to buy clothes.

Last week I said I would feature one linker this week. Um yeah that was hard to choose!!! SO many thrifty crafty people in the world. This week I am excited to feature Garbage to Glam. This link caught me right away and I went immediately to see what she had done that dresser! Amy refinishes lots of awesome pieces and sells them at a flea market. One thing I loved as I perused her blog was that she tells you the name of the paint she uses on her projects so you can use it too. I don't know about you but me buying paint is a CRAP SHOOT. I never get the right colors. Once I bought orange and cream to make an adobe color and pattern and it was creamsicle which we lived(suffered with) with for 7 years SEVEN YEARS!!. Check out Amy's blog for great projects and the color choices too.

I listed the Rena Ware on ebay. Was tempted to keep it but I have enough Le Creuset and DescoWare and my grandmother's Revereware to make the Rena Ware seem a silly excess. Someone will LOVE it.

I also found and listed this Starbucks mug.

I was glad to find it!

And I had the weirdest email the other day someone asking if I would list a little teapot I posted about a few years back on this blog. Hunh. So I did, I hope they make an offer. They bought one and it broke right off the bat and really want another.

Peace and Love--


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