Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

My thrifting adventures went like this this week no, no, no, no, nope, not today, not happening, still no....ok we need a halloween costume off we go, yep go it lets go. My mind has been off line almost all wee, no really all week, who am I kidding?? The only truly thrifty thing I did was whip in and pick up an orange sweatshirt for our 7 year who wants to be a pumpkin. The 9 year is going to be a WWII pilot and now that his arm is broken he's changed it to be a wounded WWII pilot, adaptability(not his strong suit) we love you!

The only other thifting I did was track down a low priced wheelchair, walker and hospital bed. Yep you guessed it our oldest son is coming home. Much sooner that we expected. If you don't know what happened you can read about it in my last post. It's been a long tiring week, I am just truly emotionally done with this week. Also since the other two boys were hurt on the last two consecutive Sundays our littlest boy is going to be wrapped in bubble wrap and put in a plastic hamster ball all day Sunday. We can't take anymore around here for now!

I did take the time to read everyone linked posts, I enjoyed them all immensely. I really like Van's post about all her thrifted fun finds. We had a nut dish when I was little, I loved it. I can alway count on Van to find the coolest goodies and post about them. She always has fresh ways of looking at the most mundane things and she's a real go-getter, what a powerhouse Van is!! If you want to be my featured linker next week be sure to leave a link here AND link back to this post. I love to read through everyone's posts and pick one that really speaks to me to share with all of you the next week.

Peace and Love--



  1. "...our littlest boy is going to be wrapped in bubble wrap and put in a plastic hamster ball all day Sunday."

    That made me chuckle. If only we could protect our children 24/7. I just read the post about your son's accident. How wonderful that he is coming home.


  2. Thank you for hosting! I hope this next week is much better for you. And that your boy gets better fast.


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