Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: 5 Ways I'm Saving Money Right Now


5 Ways I'm Saving Money Right Now

Since we had out little chit chat about putting more money in the bank I've been working on MY end to make every penny count. Getting started was easy and these are the first changes I made, not too big, not too scary and already in place and saving us CASH.

1) I'm wearing a sweater--once the kids go off to school I turn the heat way down to around 60˚--you know 60˚ is nice in the summer, in the winter in an old house it's wee bit brisk but once I put my sweater on it's no problem

2) Air Drying Laundry (again)--this one is a no brainer because DUH I have a clothes drying rack AND clothes lines in the basement--I kind of forgot about them BUT once I 'remembered' I started using them again it was easy to get back into using them-saves electricity AND wear and tear on the second hand dryer

3) Planning --I've been using the menu plan I wrote up what 2 weeks ago?? I made it to Thanksgiving on it and now we've had leftovers and a tamale party and tamale leftovers for meals--except tonight a dinner prep time trip to pick up new glasses for our middle boy threw me for a loop so we baked a frozen pizza--lesson learned my kids don't like frozen pizza, ok ok you busted me one of my little boys was sick today so really only ONE doesn't like store bought pizza

4) and Plotting--need to go somewhere? well where else can we go at the same time to save us a trip? no random trips to the store for us, out of coffee? TOO BAD wait until tomorrow and we're driving by the store to grab some...what else do I NEED?? make each mile driven count--hey it sounds funny but I've shaved 25 dollars a week off my gasoline bill this month!

5) No New Gifts--we're at the point in our lives where what we need and want can't be found in a box store (for the most part) and if we do want it we want to pick it out ourselves---so my real husband and I have struck a deal to make-thrift-second hand-upcycle-recycle our Christmas presents--I've spoken with my sister and she LOVES the idea and my parents were on board so the only ones left to talk to are my husbands parents, they're so crafty I'm sure they'll love the idea too!

 I have a whole post to write on the subject of giving less and the power of the gifts that go away, it's coming soon!!

See? I told you, not hard but EASY!!

Peace and Love--



  1. Love the idea of a thrifty Christmas. I wish I could get my adult children to join in on that one.

  2. You picked the toughest time of year to start cutting back and saving, (heating bills, holiday shopping for gifts and food etc), but if you can make it through December, then the rest of the year will be a piece of cake. Looking forward to that upcoming post.

  3. Avoiding impulse buying is probably the best tip you give here. Impulse buys account for 99% of people who go over their budget, whether it be on a single trip, for the week, month, or year.

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