Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: BACK! and some DIY Sharpie Love


BACK! and some DIY Sharpie Love

Worlds fastest computer repair, Machaus in Wasilla Alaska. WOW. Got her back yesterday after dropping her off on Friday. I've been thinking for a long time "gee I think I need a new computer, mine wont' charge and it's slow and clunky" That's what happens when the cord connector(port?) shorts out. Ahhhh new part and we are back in business, it used to be that the screen would brighten and darken as it wished, that was a symptom of the this part being broken. Glad it's taken care of.

It was weird being without a computer for the weekend. I don't know if it was NOT having a computer but we finished major small projects around here. Nothing huge or earth shaking but small and makes a huge difference. Plus we had 3 whole days to make out teenager want to wheel out of here in his wheelchair and never come back. We are a loud family and he is so done with us.

Things accomplished

  1. attended school auction, had a great time
  2. finally got the chicken coop light up right and on a timer
  3. heater installed in coop properly covered-no fried chicken 
  4. craft room/studio partially gutted
  5. ebay items listed and some sold (now shipped!)
  6. vacuumed the basement-would be so much more pleasant if I didn't have to haul it down there
  7. vacuumed upstairs (ditto the comment above, replace down with up)
  8. returned mis-bought items to 3 different stores
  9. kids went on a lantern walk at church
  10. dropped off a huge load of donates
  11. made awesome doorknobs for kids closet doors
  12. cuddled and watch kid friendly spy movies with kids-a nod to the new Bond we will not be going to see anytime soon
  13. craft fair goodies worked on until my fingers bled (I kid!)

So much more done too, I accidentally made caramel when I left sugar and butter cooking on the stove. I was right there but somehow melting turned to browning and voila! caramel. I quickly added a glug of milk and made it a sauce. We've been dipping apples in it.

I also used my new Sharpies (buy one get one free!! even the 12 pack) to color these gorgeous doorknobs for the boy's closets.

 Their doors are from the 70s so they run about a 1/2 inch thicker than modern hollow core crap doors, what a fuster cluck it has been to get door knobs on their doors. I bought some way back and they didn't fit, they were cheap so I donated them. Then I realized it was great control to NOT have functional knobs because they can't make a mess with all the other stuff in their closets. The time came for knobs and I forgot about longer screws and ended up sitting on the knobs I bought 2 years ago. Then I saw the DIY Sharpie knobs on pinterest. BREATHTAKING! I bought the knobs, extra screws and set about making the knobs. They were easy to make and took less than a half an hour to color them all. I baked them off and will install them tomorrow when I can sweat, curse and kick things in private. *sigh* I know myself too well to think I can "simply" install them.

Busy happy home!

Peace and Love--


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  1. That is such a cool idea, I just love them. Sharpie just came out with metallic pens too so I bought a set - gold, bronze and silver, it will be fun to play with those too..


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