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Last week, as we lived through what I would pretty much call a parent's worst nightmare, I began to have a certain clarity. My life is pretty damn good. I am doing what I love, I enjoy my freedom, my children, my husband and yet if godforbid the accident that happened to my son had happened to me or my husband? Where would we be? Would we have stability? What would happen to our kids? Would we maintain quality of life for us and our family? Could we keep our house? Huge crazy questions I just didn't have the brain power to answer or even comprehend.

Those thoughts have been niggling at the back of my mind and getting bigger and more demanding. I finally said to my husband in a fit of, what felt like, sheer stupidity "we have to talk about our finances" and he responded positively. He'd been feeling the same way yet unable to voice his concerns! I'm so glad I said something, how long would we have both been miserable without saying anything? Yikes! The hardest things to talk about are sometimes the most important.

So we had the big talk and it was good. Our budget is pretty spot on, our bills are in order, we don't over spend and we live a good life. Our problem was this one area where we don't save enough, as if we cant quite seem to move the extra bit of money we have to the savings, instead we like to fritter it away. Not good. So we talked, made some plans and figured it out. It felt freeing and dammit pretty adult of us. We are moving forward towards a better savings plan and financial stability. If anything ever happens to us we'll be so glad we had the big talk and started really saving earnestly instead of haphazardly. We'll know we've planned the best we can.

The best part of the whole thing is that no one will have to immediately worry about financial obligations if something happens. We can simply focus on healing. There is clarity in peace of mind.

Peace and Love--


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  1. Sounds like you guys did the smart thing and responded to that voice in your head. Now you can rest easier and focus on your family and living each day to the fullest. Still praying for your son. I hope his recovery is going well.


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