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My Life Map--a book review

This book came about 3 days after my son was in his car accident. I will admit to putting it aside and pretending it didn't exist for a long time. I could not face planning for the future or reviewing my past. A first cursory glance was really all I could take. As life settled back down and he came back from the hospital I moved like I was in a trance. I plodded through days and slept little at night, my life was in disarray. Slowly I have been reorganizing, getting things back in control, catching up and being a home body while caring for my son. Everything has almost returned to normal except for the hospital bed in the living room and the wheelchair, oh and the walker. Except for all those things life is pretty normal around here again.

And so it was time for My Life Map to be taken out and the journey begun. It seems a daunting task to order your history and assess where you are going. GULP. I am a fly by the seat of pants kind of girl, plans bring me down, or do they? I mean I'm 42, isn't it time to live life intentionally? So I began the life mapping and you know what? NOT HARD nor tedious and I actually enjoy. I am a person who likes to put things in tidy order so this appeals to me a great deal.(Yes I fly by the seat of my pants AND I like things tidy) I've been plucking away at mapping for a few days now and it's rather nice. And looking into my future, where there won't be little kids, is interesting, what do I want to do? Guess I'll have to think on that one because sometimes is hard to see beyond the end of little hugs and sometimes its just too hard to see beyond the end of little hugs.

All in all I'd say this book is a pretty great exploration of yourself and where you're going in life. I know this; my son, the accident boy, is getting a copy this book for Christmas. Imagine all the kinds of great I could have been if only I had planned my life instead of living it haphazardly.

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  2. Interesting. I had never thought of mapping my life. Your post gives me pause. Is life to be intentional or haphazard? I know that I *should* live each day as it's my last, but that doesn’t mean that you don't plan for the future, that's just being grown up... Interesting.


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