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The Penny Worthy Project

I got to go thrift shopping this week! Ahhhhhhhhh it was so nice. I didn't find anything big and excellent to sell and make money with. I really didn't care, a tiny bit of normalcy came back to me. It felt so good I think smiled like a fool the whole time I was in store.

Keeping my renewed budgety thoughts in my head I looked for things we needed, would use soon or could sell. I found next to nothing. Ok ok I found brand new Lands End shirts for boys (BRAND NEW) these retail for 20-30 bucks and I got them for a song. I think putting them away for a few months so the oldest will fit them makes the most sense here. Pulling them out around mid January will make someone feel shiny and new.

You all need to get on over to Something Created Everyday, she's about to host a giveaway once she hits 500 followers, she's at 499! Lynda finds some of the BEST thrifty finds, I wish I lived anywhere near cool stuff like that, I'm pretty sure my basement is GLAD I don't though. If you think her FINDS are cool wait until you see some of the stuff she makes. Lynda is super talented and my lucky linker this week. Each week I pick a post that speaks to me, it might be creating, it might be thrifting, it might be a recipe, it's something different every week. The only thing you need to do is link up and make sure your post has a link to this post. Easy Peasy, no?

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  1. I can't wait to get some thrifting in this week myself. It's been eh...14+ days? Eek...

  2. No thrifitng in PR?? wanhhh sounds tough!!

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