Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Fekkai for Last Minute Presents!


Fekkai for Last Minute Presents!

Just so you know!

 Looking for a great last minute present?? Something that will definitely be useful, helpful and you won't have to dust (WOOT!)?  Because that's what I'm all about in the present giving area, especially this year. Why not give someone you love wonderfully delicious hair? Check out Fekkai hair care products. When you spend 50 dollars you'll get ten percent off your total order and a FREE headband(while supplies last). You'll need to use the special promo code HEADBAND and bang, free stuff! Looking at my cold (-22 degrees this morning) ravaged hair I know I definitely NEED something to help my hair.

Peace and Love--



  1. My hair is always dry. And I'm always good with presents that don't need dusting. You ARE talking to me!

  2. Hair problem is something happens a lot, I hope the product is good enough as its from P&G

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