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The Penny Worthy Project

Don't miss out on the KitchenAid Mixer I'm giving away! Go leave a comment if you haven't already entered and if you have well then link up a thrifty living link to get one more entry. Giveaway ends next Wednesday and I'll announce the winner next Friday.
WOW making and thrifting a lot of your presents is NOT easy work. It would be easier to throw a BUNCH of money around and buy fabulous things. Except I'm not going to. We can totally afford it money wise, that's not the problem. My SOUL can't take giving people I love crappy overpriced cheap stuff I bought to show them I love them. I have bought a FEW new and useful things for my husband and for the family too but for the MOST part all thrifted or made. And each boy is getting one new toy from us. After Christmas I can show off the things we've made and the thrifted goodies and such.
If you're looking for goodies you can make in your kitchen well you're in luck, Coleen has been posting gifts you can make over on her site. The cashews look really yummy. I wonder what she'll have next? I'm starting the holiday baking and cooking tonight and I'll be kicking it off with some Pumpkin Rolls. I like to keep them on hand, they are excellent to make ahead and keep in the freezer. If you have unexpected guests drop in, a few slices of pumpkin roll can be easily cut off and served while the rest of the roll goes back in the freezer. Or your mouth. 
I had to go to the city this week and had about 25 minutes to spare before driving home to grab my boys from school. I WHIPPED into the nearest Salvation Army, which I have been all but avoiding for a good year or two, and boy was I pleasantly surprised. I found this beautiful Berggren Set, vintage Swedish Folk Art! and it made my heart pound. I bought all I could find. 

Now I'll tell you why I've been avoiding the Salvation Army. A year or two ago I noticed a shift in their store look it was cleaner and the shelves were bare. I mean BARE nothing on them, nothing to look through, nothing to buy, kind of hard to shop there if it's empty. I went back every time I made the trip to town and each time it was just empty with the bare minimum out for sale, we are talking one or two plates and some coffee cups. Occasionally I would see PILE of unsold merchandise from Target but for the most part nothing. The other day as I was shopping I heard the cashier tell someone that the "warehouse" had under gone a "change". So I asked her what that meant, she said well our donations went down and I gave her the stink eye, and she corrected and a "little" bit anyway. But she kept saying the "warehouse" was going to be run differently now and "it would be like this now" to which I replied "HUZZAH! Keep it up!: I promptly drove to another one on the way home and sadly it didn't live through the mess of whatever the Salvation Army was trying to pull off and it was closed. I found an article that stated again their donations were down and they shut the store down, I just don't think that was the reason it failed, it was an internal error in their resell calculations.
I found some jeans that fit for a few bucks at another thrift store. Washed and they fit perfectly! 

I also found this ADORABLE vintage rocking horse ornament. 

When it rocks Santa and his reindeer rock too. I love it. 
Link up and enter to win a KitchenAid, leave your comment on the KitchenAid post.

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  1. Hi Laura, Good thrifting. I picked up my dresser of $7, washed, sanded, changed out the handles and filled the old handle holes, chalk painted and waxed and put it in my booth. Thanks for hosting.

  2. Hope you are nearly finished with your Christmas thrifting/gifting. Looks like you've had some great finds.

  3. I am so tired of spending money on gifts that don't last, too. I am looking for alternatives this year! Thanks for the linky. :) -Jamie

  4. Thank you for the shout out!! I really enjoy your "finds", I wish I was good at it (I'm NOT).

  5. I LOVE the vintage folk art set and the horse! :)


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