Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Just Another Meatless Monday Something From Nothing Vegetable Broth


Just Another Meatless Monday Something From Nothing Vegetable Broth

Hey What's For Dinner
I'm a converted broth maker. I used to buy bullion for flavor but then the salt and msg were too much for me. So I switched to broth and stock in cans, better but still salty and tiny tasting. The I moved to boxes, I liked the flavor and it was never too salty but COMPLETELY impossible to recycle. FAIL. I was just not happy with any of my options so I went back to homemade. If all else fails go back to what last worked best and go from there. So I did but I knew I didn't have time or desire to make broth when I needed it most. 
I came up with a plan.
I started just tossing any and all parts of vegetables into a bag in the freezer marked brothy bits. I'm talking carrot tops and root ends, celery too ugly to eat, onion skins and papery coverings too, green pepper cores, cabbage leaves to big to use, garlic skins and the like. The worst of the worst basically everything I trimmed off a vegetable went in the bag. When it was full I piled it all in my biggest stock pot add some salt and pepper and cooked it down. It smelled lovely and once completely cooked I strained it and had homemade broth to use anytime I wanted. I put it in freezer bags or small freezer containers and whenever I need it I have vegetable broth. I have vegetable and chicken in my freezer right now to use for any cooking needs that may arise. 
Forget that boxed, canned or cubed flavor I just don't need it I can have fresh and homemade anytime I want it. You can too just follow these easy instructions.
Something From Nothing Broth
1 gallon or so of vegetable trimmings-keep a bag n the freezer drop in scraps use when full
water to cover+plus more as needed
small glug of olive oil--optional I like it this way you can opt out
1 TBSP salt
available herbs--sage, oregano, bay leaf, pepper corns, thyme, tarragon, pinch of fennel, curry, cumin really whatever flavors you'd like
onion or garlic powder if your scraps are deficient in that area 
pour the frozen scraps in your stock pot
put the freezer bag back in the freezer to catch the next brothy bits
cover with water
add the olive oil if using
add salt and whatever spices you want or have
bring to a boil
reduce heat and simmer for 2-4 hours adding more water as needed
strain to remove the vegetables (give to your chickens or someone with chickens)
pour the broth into freezer containers and freeze until ready to use
Super simple super easy and super delicious. It's like getting broth for free really. All the flavor from all those scraps are being put to use and not just composted or worse, chucked out. Money saving and vegetarian, hot damn!
Couple of notes
  1. use onion skins if you want or need a darker broth
  2. you could can this in pressure canner for dry pantry storage
What vegetarian delights have you been whipping up?

Peace and Love--


  1. Hi, this week I have shared my 28 thick and creamy smoothie recipes without banana for all those that want to avoid bananas in their smoothies!


    Many thanks for hosting

  2. You are so good and so environmentally correct and using your scraps to make broth... I'm inspired.

  3. Your broth post is perfect timing, since I'm sharing a soup recipe that requires broth! I've posted my easy Asian soup - it has gluten and soy free options.

    I'd also like to invite everyone to come by my blog (Poor and Gluten Free) and enter to win a copy of a new Paleo cookbook, Primal Cuisine. All the recipes are gluten free and you don't need to be on the Paleo diet to enjoy it :)

  4. I love that something from nothing broth! I keep trimmings in my freezer too. :)

    Have a great week!


  5. That's such a great idea. I love a good "something from nothing" tip. :) I generally feed my scraps to the chickens, but this would be a great way to use them otherwise.

    I'm linking up a really easy chewy breakfast bar recipe this time. Thanks for hosting!

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