Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Paleo Week One Check In


Paleo Week One Check In

This whole Paleo Diet thing came on as quite a surprise to me. I didn't buy any cook books, did NOT plan to go Paleo, was NOT interested in going Paleo, was only interested in losing weight and the Paleo Diet craze was annoying to say the least. And yet after hearing about friends on the Paleo Diet I realized that I was pretty much on the Paleo Diet. **sigh** I was simply trying out gluten free for six weeks (cutting out lots of grains too) and going sugar free and then I realized I was pretty much paleo.

So I kinda ditched the whole I'm just going to diet and lose weight, go gluten free and see if my joints quit hurting and eat less move more mentality for PALEO. Dove in mouth wide open. I gave myself a week to get off the peanuts and I still need to get soy sauce out of my life other than that I am on the Paleo Diet and I love it. I am losing weight, around 8 pounds so far. My jeans are loose, my clothes fit better and my husband says my face is looking different, younger. To me I look less puffy overall, I'll take that!

My joints feel so much better, no deep throbbing joint pain. My energy is through the roof, still burning strong at 9 pm even after getting up at 6:30 most days. My afternoons are not spent in a carb fog, I am clear headed and very centered and aware.

I am still moving more though I will not give that up. I do the stairs in my house, 10x plus whatever regular stairs I do in a day. Once this becomes easier I will add in simple weight lifting I can do at home and I'd love to get yoga involved in my life. Once spring hits I hope to be a walker again and get in a few miles a week. Joint pain has kept me from doing this for years.

Is it easy? YES for me it has been easy. I simply make an extra vegetable at dinner and cut out the grains or starches I would have served. We already eat a lot of vegetables so adding in another was easy. I try to make 2 cooked veggies, 1 raw and a serving of meat for dinner. We are all enjoying the meas I've come up with but I may indeed need to buy a Paleo Cook Book or start following a few blogs to inspire me.

Is it expensive. Yes and No.
Yes in that I try to buy the very best foods for the diet. Humanely grown meat is expensive to buy and it's the dead of winter so vegetables are harder to source. I buy storage vegetables from Arctic Organics, a local organic farm and a weekly produce box from Full Circle Farm. To that I add a BIG box of organic spinach from the store and more fruit for snacking on.

Is it expensive. Yes and No.
No in that compared to the amount I would have spent on doctors for joint pain and chronic pain and possible other diagnosis's I feel the cost of food is very worth it. I have not increased our food budget yet and don't have plans to. We'll see how that pans out.

What about giving up sugar? Hard? Not really and I was addicted big time. I have found that an apple sliced up and dipped in almond butter is so delicious I don't miss the high sugar crap I was eating, creating, gorging on. I have been using our honey from our bees to make barbecue sauces and on fruit for our boys. We all love that. If I am just wanting a little something to tide me over with no prep work and spoonful of almond butter is a great treat.

And speaking of the boys they know we are some kind of diet/paleo thing but we try not to make it a focus. They just know that sometimes they get regular roasted potatoes while we get sweet potatoes. And that the bread we opened at the beginning of the week is still around come Saturday. I don't want to make this a focus of their life and I have no desire to make them feel like they need to lose weight or get in shape. They are amazingly unscrewed up when it comes to food. I want to keep it that way.

So 11 days in RAH RAH PALEO! I'll try not to be annoying about it.

Peace and Love--



  1. You've inspired me to try it! I have gone sugar free before and noticed, after the initial withdrawls, an increase in energy and just general well-being. I have heard PALEO as the buzzword, but have not actually studied it. Not that weight loss is the goal for me (it is kind of though something I would like), I cannot ignore all of the pluses you've experienced. Please share your links as you discover them!! :)

  2. I WILL!! Gina one I love is PaleOMG she is hilarious, inspiring and the food is GOOD

  3. I'm working on going Paleo myself. Thanks for sharing PaleOMG. Going to check that one out.


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