Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Star Wars Movie Party


Star Wars Movie Party

We've been itching to host a Star Wars Party for a long time and this year our boys were finally BOTH old enough to do it. When I say Star Wars Movie Party I mean watching all three original Stars Wars movies back to back. Today was THE day. We invited over a bunch of kids and about 10 made it. We had them wear costumes if they wanted to, not wearing a costume was totally cool too. We supplied the snacks, the movies, the chairs and the intermission light saber fights.

Speaking of snacks we had some good ones. We had a tray full of Star Wars cookies.

I bought the Willams-Sonoma cookie cutters a few years back specifically for this type of party. If you're going to make these cookies DO NOT USE store bough sugar cookie dough or dough made with margarine they will not turn out and you will be filled with bitter disappointment. I planned to have the kids decorate them with frosting but they were happy enough to eat them without any frosting.

We drank copious amounts of Yoda Soda, simply seltzer water and limeade.

They also had taun taun meatballs, just meatballs in teriyaki sauce, super easy. We also had wookie cookies, no bakes made with chocolate and coconut. The dried coconut from the bulk section makes for delicious cookies, crunchy!

These kids ATE. If you're planning a party for boys plan for a large amount of food and then double it. They ate 2 pounds of sausage, 2 pounds of cheese, a bag of pretzels, 13 apples, 6 bananas, 4-6 liters of Yoda Soda, a crock pot full of meat balls, 2 rice cookers full of rice, 4 batches of popcorn,  5 dozen cookies. And still said they were hungry.

I made a Death Star cake using an igloo cake mold.

We didn't eat it because I was certain it was dried out because it didn't have frosting. My kids are militating for a dad is great he feeds up chocolate cake kind of morning...we'll see.

The party was a LOT of fun, the kids were great and movies were classics, all in all a GREAT winter day in Alaska.

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  1. What great ideas! A death star out of an igloo mold! Outstanding! I've got to show this to my daughter. She's a Boba Fet nut.


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