Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

What are you spending you pennies on?? 

 This week has been all about the diet--no sugar--no gluten--less food--more move. I thought I'd have gone crazy and wounded someone by now. And yet here it is 5 days in and nothing. This whole get off my duff and get stuff done instead of eating is really working out for me though. I have spent hours this week organizing, sorting, cleaning, labeling and getting my studio/craft room/ reselling room in order.

I actually set up our storage closet so one side is all holiday bits and bobs while the other side is resell stuff. I went through every box of holiday stuff and filled up the back of my truck with things we just don't need or use anymore. I had an entire case of candles that were "too cute to burn" WHAT GOOD ARE THOSE?? Someone else can have them, love them and burn them, I didn't have the heart to. I got rid of nothing sacred or made for me by a child, those are the true treasures.

I went on a run to the city on Wednesday, while I was there I thought I'd hit up a few thrift stores. I came home with nothing. I did return two pairs of pants to Land's End because my kids blew them out. I even had my receipt for some strange reason. When I went in the store it was really odd I don't know who was more discombobulated me or the lady running the register. She first off told me the jeans I had were girls, um no they were not, except she insisted they were and tried to give me girls jeans. Then she asked for my id and I handed her my debit card. She scanned my receipt and said this has already been returned and you can't double return, which is funny because I haven't stepped foot in the store since August 14th(receipt!!). The we muddled through a return in which she forgot to give me my id back and I left my bag on the counter. So weird! Anyway I came out with 2 new pairs of pants, although I'm not quite sure how I managed that.

When I came home there was a bald eagle sitting in our trees.

**whistling** don't mind me a giant predacious sitting up here

He was facing the opposite way of our flock of chickens. I have a hard time believing he/she/it didn't see our birds and fancy a treat. Although he sat there for about 3 hours looking west I never saw my birds become upset. The eagle appeared to be watching traffic, as cars would pass he would turn his beautiful head and just stare after them. Majestic, yet deadly to my flock of birds.

Speaking of our flock, they are laying like champs lately. In the last week have produced about 105 eggs give or take a few. Even the footless wonder is still making eggs, she rocks! More about the footless wonder in my upcoming post entitled "interview with a chicken"

I did get out and hit up the local thrift store. I feel like I scored big time, I found a new unused box of Debbie Meyer green bags. My mother SWEARS by these things. Picked them up for a quarter and promptly put all my Full Circle produce in them, um when I got home that is.

I got two books to read because really January in Alaska is ALL ABOUT READING. Well February too, but garden planning starts in earnest then too. Once I'm done I'll pass these to my mom who is hanging out in Arizona this winter. Apparently it's a super cold winter for them and a super warm winter for us. GO FIGURE.

And I grabbed those cookie cutters, recognize them?

Yep from the movie A Christmas Story! The lamp just cracks me up!

What did you find, do or make this week? Crafts? Meal Plans? Quilts? Poetry? Shoes? Come on spill it!

Peace and Love--



  1. Yep...loud and clear! It's getting colder over the next week here in soggy N.Devon, UK, but before I get too bothered about a touch of frost on the windscreen...how cold exactly is it at yours right now?

  2. And an oh dear from me...checked out some past entries and am now a reader...more time to find! Darn it...

  3. actually would you believe in the 30s and we have no snow!! scary weird and wild!

  4. Oh... And I eas feeling sorry for you too!

  5. Those cookie cutters are awesome. I miss thrifting. Haven't been in about 2 months..I'm also on a 31 Days of Nothing Challenge this month. So maybe next month. Can't Wait.

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

  6. I love the Christmas Story cookie cutters and green bags, great and practical scores. You could make fun clay ornaments from the cutters!

  7. Thanks for linking Up!



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