Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

How are you spending your pennies?

This week went by so fast and I swear I got NOTHING done I said I would or I thought I would. I'm not actually sure what I did. Oh wait kids were out of school Monday due to weather. Not snow but a huge rainy windy storm that froze and made the whole world a skating rink. Then everything melted, our driveway was gravel and puddles and now we have 7 inches for fresh snow. Winter in Alaska is never boring. 

Apart from our crazy weather the rest of the week was rather normal. I thrifted but mostly for myself which is odd because I'm trying like crazy to simplify my house. When I saw this crock 

go through my feed on facebook in the online yard sale group I knew I was interested. The asking price was more than I wanted to pay but I agreed to meet with the girl selling it and look at it. I wanted it to make sauerkraut in and I was assured it was in perfect shape. It was not as you can tell but I liked it enough to make an offer on it. She accepted and now it's mine. It is old and lovely, I wish I knew it's story.

I also bought this beautiful Starbucks coffee mug. It's really pretty!

And I got this a while back

 and I've been working on my skills. You knew when third graders crochet circles around you it is time to step up your game. Now I'm the one making them go "WOW" how did you do that? Oh man I wish I knew kid I wish I knew.

Lots of great link ups last week Live Like No One Else brought us cheap internet, GREAT TIP!! Lynda was after my own heart with fabulous finds last wee and Amy and Angie had the cutest Sailor suit dress ever! Check out the ENTIRE link up from last and then get your link ready too! You can link up ebay sales, etsy shops, reselling challenges, money saving tips, menu plans, great recipes, DIY posts anything that inspires you to live your best on a budget. 

  Peace and Love--



  1. Now I'm thinking gee, I wonder if there is a Facebook yard sale group near me? But no, that would be dangerous when we are working so hard to pay off debt. ;)

  2. I need one of those beginner crochet books, too! It's been an age since I last crocheted. Love the mug! The little heart is so sweet.

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