Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

How are you spending your pennies?

My week has been so, so good. Incredibly good and I am just pleased as punch. I have not scored any major thrift store scores or sold some awesome thing. I have worked diligently all week on various projects and I started cross country skiing again. I have collapsed in to bed each night and slept so soundly I can scarcely believe it's morning when the alarm goes off. I need to keep this kind of stuff up, I want to sleep so well every night.

I have been working really hard to cull the crud I no longer need. We have a room at the top of our house tucked up under the eaves, we call it the cubby hole, and believe it or not it still has boxes of stuff from when I was a little girl. Every day I have a set certain amount of boxes  I NEED to go through that day. It's not just going through, it's sorting, donating, trashing and recycling. Everything has to be in it's place before I go pick up my kids from school so I can be here and present. That gives me several hours to get it done. I like having a goal, meeting it and making headway. Just getting rid of the mental clutter of that stuff is an amazing feeling.

And the skiing. Wow. Amazing to be actually using my body and feeling the ache of rediscovered muscles. And still no chocolate, 18 days and counting.

 I have been making these super cheap Paleo snacks though, roasted sunflower seeds. The recipe is super easy and buying the seeds raw can save you big bucks.

My thrifting was totally limited this week. I bought 4 shirts for my sons. 2 for the 9 year old.

2 for the 7 year old.

I also bought a pair of boots for myself and I am waiting for them to be delivered. I have winter hiking boots but they are not warm enough and they are ugly so I bought myself a pair of these bad boys


YEAH ME! Now I can ditch those heavy uncomfortable sorrels that take 10 minutes to put on. I finally realized that IF I am going to live in ice and snow I should definitely be comfortable and have good boots.

Hope you all had awesome weeks too! Now who wants to link up? Last week we had some pretty great links. Lynda found an amazing salad spinner, no really click the link it is WOW! Mary Beth brought a recipe for making trout caviar, a great way to use more of the fish. Margaret brought thrift shopping for clothes into focus for us and Jamie linked up a great post about cutting food costs. Bring it on people, WOW ME.

Peace and Love--



  1. I love those boots! They are adorable. I've been hauling bags of "stuff" out of my house, too. I love getting rid of the clutter!

  2. Love those boots! I have been looking for some like that for a long time. Now that I know the maker maybe I can find some in my size.

  3. Love the boots. I'm glad you had a great week. Could be fun going through those childhood boxes. Maybe you'll find some treasures. :)

  4. I need to get as active as you are, it really does help with everything: mood, creativity, sleep, mental clarity...

    I'm also on a home purging kick and loving the results, it's amazing to actually be nearly completely organized in life! :D


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