Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Cabbage Apple Coleslaw with Bacon


Cabbage Apple Coleslaw with Bacon

Rummaging through files to find paleo ideas for meals everyone will eat is a pleasurable way to spend the morning. I make notes, jot down page numbers and stack cook books all through the kitchen. Usually on grocery day I have a slew of new recipes to try out. This one was something I could whip up without even having to wait until shopping day, I had everything I needed. And it's a keeper, there was hardly enough to save for a lunch although we did put it away before someone snarfed it down. Cool and refreshing and mostly made ahead of time, this one will be perfect for summer meals but good enough to try right now. You know during the dead of winter, yeah winter, love you.

Cabbage Apple Coleslaw with Bacon

1/4 pound of good bacon, chopped
1 bag of coleslaw cut cabbage mix-1 pound size or close to that size
1 tart apple-washed
2 carrots-scrubbed

2 TBSP mayonnaise
2 TBSP milk--almond milk if you're paleo
drizzle of honey-literally less that 1/2 teaspoon
pinch of salt pinch of celery seed--crush the seeds between 2 spoons
dash of pepper

in a deep pan cook the bacon over medium high heat**
while the bacon is cooking work on the salad, pour the coleslaw mix in a salad bowl
fit a food processor with the shredding blade or get out your box grater
shred the apple and the carrots mix thoroughly with the coleslaw mix
check your bacon when it's done remove from the heat and drain well--once cooled put it in the fridge to chill until time to mix with the salad
put the dressing ingredients in a jar and shake to combine-the honey may need some stirring to convince it to mix in so make sure it gets mixed in if needed**
once well combined stir into the salad and pop the whole thing in the fridge
right before serving toss the salad and then add the bacon and toss again

** I have found I prefer a deep pan for cooking bacon in it spatters LESS which is important if my kids are cooking with me-the chopped bacon cooks very quickly too so be mindful
** I made a very small amount of dressing for the salad--you can of course double it if you like it super creamy with dressing

before bacon-lost the light never got a shot WITH bacon

Please someone add some blue cheese to this, it is begging for it. Or feta. Once I add dairy back I am so making it with blue cheese. Tangy, salty, creamy, sweet, yum.

Peace and Love--



  1. I've made it with apple (or pineapple) for years, but NEVER with bacon...you are brilliant.

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  3. My mom cooks the bacon; then adds the shredded cabbage & carrots to the hot bacon grease & sautees it, adding salt & pepper to taste. When finished sauteeing, crumble the bacon on top of the coleslaw. Serve piping hot and listen to the happy sounds!

  4. yum we love that!!

    And Thanks Coleen-you're pretty awesome yourself!

  5. Yum...sounds like...heaven. Must get to the cabinet for something to snack on ! :O


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